Monday Inspiration

This week’s inspiration;


ONE// De Laval PROductivity Tour @ World Dairy Expo



Guys (& Ladies), I am so excited! De Laval has invited me to Madison, Wisconsin to join them at the World Dairy Expo for their De Laval PROductivity Tour, and to also give a short presentation on Women and Youth in Agriculture! Can’t wait to see as they further their new brand promise ‘We Live Milk‘ as well as their partnership with the Dairy Girl Network during their networking event at the Expo!

TWO// Youth Ag Summit 2017

I am so excited to apply for this! Every two years they hold this summit in various locations and invite/sponsor young adults to come together to talk agriculture and figure out how we are going to continue to feed a growing world population. The idea, to inspire the next generation of agricultural visionaries!! Mark it on your calendars and don’t forget to apply!

THREE// Advancing Women in Ag Conference

Last year I had the privilege to attend the very first ever Eastern Advancing Women in Ag Conference, and WOW! It was honestly amazing, and the women were so inspiring; not a single moment was wasted (Check out my recap from last year’s conference here!). I’ve again been invited to attend the conference with Dairy Farmers of Canada based on an essay submission I wrote a few weeks ago & I hate to admit it but my outfits are already pre-picked and half packed and it’s still a full week before I leave!

FOUR// Magazine Project

Displaying IMG_5569.JPG


Last thing on the docket this week is a project I’ve had in mind for a while, agovocacy techniues that don’t require the use of social media. Online methods of outreach and education have nearly overtaken the ways in which we interact with our consumers, but not everyone is completely comfortable posting such personal information.

Tip #1: Take your old farming magazines and bring them to your next appointment. Doctors, dentists, hair stylists, and veterinarian clinics are all great places to donate your old magazines!

FIVE//Home Free

Ok, enough work time for some fun! I heard of these guys a couple months back when their first few videos came out on Youtube but when they appeared on my Facebook feed again this week I just had to catch up on what they’d been doing. Phenomenal work by this crew! Love how they incorporate spouses & family into their videos occasionally, great touch that keeps it real. Also, it is ridiculous how much the main singer in this video, Austin, reminds me of my dad!! (Like doppelganger levels!)

Who will you inspire?


Monday Inspiration

This Weeks Inspiration:

ONE//TED Talk on Women in Leading Roles

What better way to inspire yourself than by listening to a TED Talk led by this amazing woman! The perfect speech for a Monday!

TWO// College Prepster Fall Favourites

Plaid Flannel Shirt

With so many farm shows &  conferences to go to this fall I have to admit, I’m panicking… about both my wardrobe and my bank account!! Some great fall outfit inspiration from the College Prepster, and if you still can’t get enough check out her pafe dedicated to  Cold Weather Style!

THREE//Ag More Than Ever Event Kits

Ag Audience - Ag Event Kit 3

So if any of you follow me on Snapchat (Ms.AnnaRoberts) you’ll know that I recently received my order of day old meat chicks and soon after doing so went through a ‘eureka’ moment. With school back in session & my chicks still cute & fluffy, why not tour some of the schools with my chicks & encourage the kids to really connect with the animals and with farming itself?! I called up a couple of local schools and to my surprise they were instantly on board and very accommodating! Enter the my moment of panic. What the heck do I do now?! Luckily, google had an easy solution. I pulled up the Ag More Than Ever website, less than 15 minutes of online shopping and 20$ later I have a full shipment of agriculture promotion material on its way!! 😀

FOUR//New Cabela’s Opening in Ottawa

Abbotsford Grand Opening

In less than 3 days there will be a new Cabela’s in Ottawa!! Luckily it’s far enough away that I won’t be able to go shopping too often buuuut guess who may have gotten her hands on a couple of pre-opening party tickets for tomorrow night?!? Eeeee!!!

FIVE//Milan Fashion Week

Dolce & Gabana Winter 2015 Milan Fashion Week:

Last but not least, September 21-28th Milan Fashion Week! Can’t wait to see what they come up with this season!

Monday Inspiration

This Week’s Monday Inspiration:

ONE// London Fashion Week

London Spring 2016

Giles, Gareth Pugh, The Hill & Friends

I always find London Fashion Week to be a bit of a ‘hit and miss’, but when they hit the mark it literally sticks with you for life. Can’t wait to see that they come up with this year starting September 16th!

TWO// American Eagle Cowboy Boots HALF OFF


Friends tell friends when there’s a killer sale on that they can’t afford to miss, & guys… this is it!! I bought a pair last year, wore them nearly everyday and while they are starting to fall apart a bit, mainly because I went hiking in them + wore them to the barn more than a couple times, they are comfortable and well worth the $50 to have a pair of boots NOT covered in cow sh*t ;P

THREE//The Real Real


One could argue that being sick & on the couch for the past couple days has not been kind to my bank account & you’d be right. I came across this site and was a little skeptical at first, but not only did I do my online research I actually went to an outlet store and verified product codes on a few Ray Bans I was interested in. Turns out, totally legit and averages about half off on their regular prices, but if you snag a sale it can be even more!!Obsessing Hard Core <3

FOUR// Farm Basics on Youtube

I’m not entirely sure whatever happened to BBC’s CountryFiles but at some point over the past two years they became harder and harder for this Canadian cowgirl to get her hands on. Since then I’ve been kind of wallowing around trying to find another good source for farm videos. I happened to stumble upon this channel and it looks like I might have a little catching up to do this weekend, move over Netflix it’s time for Farm Basics!!


FIVE// J.K. Rowling’s Speech



Photo Editing Apps

Why Hello Lovelies!

So last Wednesday I posted about how to make a cheap wood backdrop to your flat lays, but as with any photography a little editing is usually necessary to help fine tune some of the details. A quick cheat sheet to some of my favourite photo editing apps that I love & have come to use on a regular basis.

unnamed (14)

1. Photofy

unnamed (9)

My primary use for this app (& one that I’m trying to get better at remembering to do!) is the ease in which you can add ‘stickers’ to your photos. The best use for this is adding your tags to your photos, so that no matter who saves your photo there will always be that portion referencing back to you and crediting your work. This is so important when you’re creating content intended for sharing, and something I constantly forget to do!


unnamed (11)

Besides adding my tags & logos to all of my photos Polarr is by far my favourite and most used photo editing app. You’re able to create your own filters and it has so many editing options. By far the most useful and if you were ever to spend money on an app this would be it!


unnamed (10)

I’m still exploring this app a little bit, but I’m really digging their filter options that they have available.

4. Lighroom

unnamed (13)

This one I find a little bit harder to use, it does have more of a learning curve; but like Polarr it has an amazing set of editing options.

5. Photoshop Fix

So I completely forgot to take a picture of this app in action (horrible blogger moment) but I did want to mention it, specifically for it’s ‘healing’ edit option. You can easily edit out object that are perhaps a little obtrusive in your photo, such as the pimple that somehow cropped up in the past 20 minutes since the last photo you took?!?! Couple taps & you’re good to go! As much as I do support photos that portray women in a real light, let’s be honest. When you’re posting pictures to social media where it could be seen by anyone… let’s put our best, non-pubescent looking acne-free face forwards shall we ;P

So whether you’re just trying to tweak the lighting a smidge for that professional look, or you’re going for that glamour glow and airbrushed look I hope that I’ve given a few solid stepping stones to work off of and have saved you a little time digging around trying to find them. I can’t wait to see what you create!

Love & Hugs! xoxo.


Monday Inspiration

This Week’s Monday Inspiration:

ONE// New York Fashion Week

NYFW Spring 2016

Kors, Marchesa, Givenchy, Marchesa

Last year I was so busy, I missed the runways almost entirely! New York Fashion Week starts September 8th & after flipping through some of last year’s collections, I can’t wait to see what sorts of designs walk the runway this year!





My latest obsession, SkillShare! It has been such a great way to explore some of the things I’ve been looking at improving upon such as the way I use and promote my social media accounts, my writing methods, and I can’t wait to start getting into a few art videos!

THREE// Taylor’s of Harrogate Tea Bee Hotel

What a neat way to bring the issue of bees into a modern concept!

FOUR//CMT Chicken People Documentary

This looks HILARIOUS! Instantly made me think of this funny article I read in the Progressive Dairyman, ‘She’s Gone Chicken Crazy’. I honestly can’t wait until this comes out on the 23rd!

FIVE// UnderArmour’s ‘I Will What I Want‘ Campaign


I may not be a professional athlete, or a gym goer at all in fact, but as a farmer this tag line still really resonates with me. It’s not always easy to get the hay in before the rain, or make it in from the fields before any obscenely late hours. But somehow we (usually) manage, and at the end of the day can look back on our accomplishments.

What inspires your passion?


Creating a Flat Lay Background for Bloggers

Hello to all of you lovely Moo’s! Today I’m taking you a step away from the farm and into the behind the scenes of blogging.

Jumping right into it, a ‘flat lay’ is when objects and items are arranged on a flat surface such as a table or counter in a way that is visually appealing and helps to highlight the subject matter. Like when a blogger is featuring a makeup company on their site and posts a photo of the various makeup products casually laid out for the reader to see, often mimicking a natural feel of simply being left there.


I’ve started to try & up my game in regards to my photography and while I went out and got a new camera last February, I’ve had little time to do anything else since. Enter ‘The World’s Greatest Flat Lay Life Hack’. Use wood samples from your local hardware store to make your own backgrounds!! It’s so simple, and whether you’re creating it to sell items in your online store, or if you’re featuring a new product on your blog this will be one of those small adjustments you can make to take it to the next level and it’s a great way to incorporate wood tones into your backdrops so you’re not stuck with the plain white sheet look.

Step 1: Head to your local hardware store. 

I literally walked into Home Hardware, and asked the flooring attendant if I could buy some 3×3 sections of flooring for a photography project. He informed me they only sell flooring by the case but if there was an open box to go ahead and take 1 or 2 pieces. SCORE!!!!! So one terribly excited blonde & a full shopping cart later… 20 shades of wood!

Step 2, 3, 4 & 5: Measure, Use Painters Tape, Cut, Assemble.

PicMonkey Collage

Measure the entire length of your piece of wood, then find and mark the midway point. Place a piece of painters tape across so it holds down the edges and avoids any chipping. Ensure you have a straight line & cut!

Pro Tip: Having an attractive assistant who can handle a saw helps boost project moral ;P.


Slide your pieces together et voila!! A masterpiece in the making!

All that’s left to do is make an arrangement according to what needs doing & snap a couple photos! Now of course there are always certain rules of thumb to follow and proportions to pay attention to while putting together your shot, but paired with an awesome background & a little editing you’ll be able to come up with some pretty great shots!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I’m still exploring some of the different levels of editing but with a little self education I hope to be able to share a few other tips and tricks with you all along the way!

Love & Hugs!



Monday Inspiration

This Week’s Monday Inspiration:

ONE// Shanyn Schmidtknecht’s Bedroom Reno

PicMonkey Collage

Full Disclosure, I totally screen-shot these pics that were a part of this huntress’s Instagram story. But to be fair, her bedroom is pretty freakin epic! Can’t wait for better pics to be posted when it’s completely done ❤

TWO// Kendall Jenner’s 73 Questions with Vogue

I completely do NOT follow the Kardashians at all, but I love this video and say what?! …. 6:18 “If you had to choose another career what would you do?” “Probably working on a farm somewhere” Way to go Kendall!

THREE// ‘Milk Run


An amazing agritourism idea by Courthouse Hill Farms located in Nova Scotia. This 232 year-old, 1000 acre farm hosted a running event that featured stops along the way inviting runners to learn about and explore the farm.

FOUR// Mini Chicken Pancakes

chicken pancakes

What we do for our animals haha!

FIVE// Always #LikeAGirl Campaigns 2014, 2015 & 2016

Love this because it’s not just about girls, and it’s not just about sports. This can apply to any woman, whether she’s 14 or 41 and whether she’s in sports or business, or say farming 🙂

What will inspire you this week?


Monday Inspiration

This Week’s Monday Inspiration:

ONE// ‘Top Crop’ Online Farm Simulator

Top Crop

I might have spent about an hour and a half of my life playing with this, love it! What a great way to incorporate education into a fun & quick little game. Go ahead, test your skills as a farmer! 😛

TWO// Dino-Farmer

LOVE it when farmers take a trending theme and make it their own! What a hilarious video!

THREE// Brittany Scott on Instagram


“#Milking #Hot #Bikini #Masseyoveralls”

This girl cracks me up, love following her on Instagram. Horses, style & a passion for farming. Yeehaw!

FOUR// Country Pride UnderArmourCountryPride UnderArmour


Seriously loving UnderArmour’s new Canadian collection. I’ve recently started wearing athletic wear into the barn as I found the standard work wear too heavy and stifling while working in the middle of summer. I’ve never been so comfortable as I am milking in UnderArmour and can’t wait to try out some new pieces!

FIVE// Moana Trailer


Yup, another animated film I can’t wait to go and see!

What will inspire you this week?


Monday Inspiration

It happened again, I get so caught up in my daily life & life on the farm I forgot to post regularly until eventually out of the blue someone comes along and tells me how great my blog is and how much they enjoy my posts.  Of course my reaction is always “What? …really?! People actually read this?” I don’t know why this is always so surprising to me, but this has inspired me to try and get back to the roots of my writing.

Sometimes I have a lot of trouble posting frequently, mostly due to the busy nature of farming but probably also due to the fact that all of my best thinking is done while I’m in the barn; I can be stacking hay, or going through the morning milking and I’ll come up with a brilliant idea only to have my hands full, and chores whose timelines are being dictated by hungry animals! So this is it, a kick off with new determination to share more of my inspired moments with you!

This week’s Monday Inspiration :

ONE//My Birthday Weekend (& Cupcakes!!)


Yup, you heard it right! My birthday was this week & I was surprised with an amazing sampling of some cupcakes from V’s Cupcakes in Manotick. Her red velvet was to absolutely kill for!

TWO//Living on One Dollar


I managed to get myself out of my routine of going straight to ‘Suits’ on Netflix & decided to give this documentary a go. A team of 4 college students move to Guatemala for two months, living on just a dollar a day per person. Loved it, not only does it make you re-evaluate the true value of ‘things’ but it also shows how people come together when all that’s left is survival and trying to better your lives.

THREE//Laurel Lea Farms


A huge congratulations to Ms. Kelsey for her front page feature in the Ontario Farmer! She is an amazing young woman I met just this past spring at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show, and I have been following her progress ever since! She has done, and continues to do amazing things for bringing awareness to agriculture. Check out her farm’s Facebook page!

FOUR//Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show


Mark your calendars, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show will be held September 13-15th 2016! As always, I’m looking forward to it & think that this year is going to be even better than the last!

FIVE//Sing Trailer


A movie that can essentially be boiled down to an animated version of ‘America’s Got Talent’. Yes, I’m totally one of those people who will still go to the theaters to see an animated film well into their adulthood, but it’s coming out Christmas & boy does this look good!!

What’s inspiring you this week?


Women in Ag: You’re Damn Right I’m a ‘Girl’

I am a farmer.

Most people who meet me manage to figure this out by the time I start showing them that picture of my favourite cow on my phone. But for those who only know me through a few select pictures, sometimes it’s hard to believe.

denim dress


Because I don’t LOOK like a farmer.

Because I love my dyed blonde hair; I adore the look of a french-manicure.

Because I love the smell of perfume as much as I love the smell of fresh cut hay, I can give you

48-step instructions on how to do your daily makeup application,

& because I have absolutely no problem wearing my good pair of jeans to the barn.

Being dirty has become a badge of honor in the farming community. It shows you are a hard worker, will get done what needs doing, and aren’t afraid to get shit plastered. But it’s almost as if a woman has to become a ‘man’ to prove that she is a worthy of being a farmer.


So what if you can do the job without getting dirty? Does that mean you’re any less qualified to do it?

We are farmers, and we’re in this industry because we love it. We are passionate about it. & I will support any woman, any individual, who wants to farm, whether it’s just a couple chickens in the back yard or a full scale dairy farm; & whether or not they’re wearing coveralls or their ‘city’ boots. I try not to judge.




So here’s to the women in Ag who rock the tank top!

To the women in Ag who pull off the farmers overalls!

 To the women in Ag who are willing to get knee deep in shit!

To the women in Ag who wear makeup in the barn!

Because it doesn’t matter if you wear you’re hair down while you work, or if you can walk out

of the barn without iodine stains on that good pair of good jeans.

If you are passionate about my industry, I will support you.