Monday Inspiration

This Week’s Monday Inspiration:

ONE// ‘Top Crop’ Online Farm Simulator

Top Crop

I might have spent about an hour and a half of my life playing with this, love it! What a great way to incorporate education into a fun & quick little game. Go ahead, test your skills as a farmer! 😛

TWO// Dino-Farmer

LOVE it when farmers take a trending theme and make it their own! What a hilarious video!

THREE// Brittany Scott on Instagram


“#Milking #Hot #Bikini #Masseyoveralls”

This girl cracks me up, love following her on Instagram. Horses, style & a passion for farming. Yeehaw!

FOUR// Country Pride UnderArmourCountryPride UnderArmour


Seriously loving UnderArmour’s new Canadian collection. I’ve recently started wearing athletic wear into the barn as I found the standard work wear too heavy and stifling while working in the middle of summer. I’ve never been so comfortable as I am milking in UnderArmour and can’t wait to try out some new pieces!

FIVE// Moana Trailer


Yup, another animated film I can’t wait to go and see!

What will inspire you this week?


Monday Inspiration

It happened again, I get so caught up in my daily life & life on the farm I forgot to post regularly until eventually out of the blue someone comes along and tells me how great my blog is and how much they enjoy my posts.  Of course my reaction is always “What? …really?! People actually read this?” I don’t know why this is always so surprising to me, but this has inspired me to try and get back to the roots of my writing.

Sometimes I have a lot of trouble posting frequently, mostly due to the busy nature of farming but probably also due to the fact that all of my best thinking is done while I’m in the barn; I can be stacking hay, or going through the morning milking and I’ll come up with a brilliant idea only to have my hands full, and chores whose timelines are being dictated by hungry animals! So this is it, a kick off with new determination to share more of my inspired moments with you!

This week’s Monday Inspiration :

ONE//My Birthday Weekend (& Cupcakes!!)


Yup, you heard it right! My birthday was this week & I was surprised with an amazing sampling of some cupcakes from V’s Cupcakes in Manotick. Her red velvet was to absolutely kill for!

TWO//Living on One Dollar


I managed to get myself out of my routine of going straight to ‘Suits’ on Netflix & decided to give this documentary a go. A team of 4 college students move to Guatemala for two months, living on just a dollar a day per person. Loved it, not only does it make you re-evaluate the true value of ‘things’ but it also shows how people come together when all that’s left is survival and trying to better your lives.

THREE//Laurel Lea Farms


A huge congratulations to Ms. Kelsey for her front page feature in the Ontario Farmer! She is an amazing young woman I met just this past spring at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show, and I have been following her progress ever since! She has done, and continues to do amazing things for bringing awareness to agriculture. Check out her farm’s Facebook page!

FOUR//Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show


Mark your calendars, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show will be held September 13-15th 2016! As always, I’m looking forward to it & think that this year is going to be even better than the last!

FIVE//Sing Trailer


A movie that can essentially be boiled down to an animated version of ‘America’s Got Talent’. Yes, I’m totally one of those people who will still go to the theaters to see an animated film well into their adulthood, but it’s coming out Christmas & boy does this look good!!

What’s inspiring you this week?


Women in Ag: You’re Damn Right I’m a ‘Girl’

I am a farmer.

Most people who meet me manage to figure this out by the time I start showing them that picture of my favourite cow on my phone. But for those who only know me through a few select pictures, sometimes it’s hard to believe.

denim dress


Because I don’t LOOK like a farmer.

Because I love my dyed blonde hair; I adore the look of a french-manicure.

Because I love the smell of perfume as much as I love the smell of fresh cut hay, I can give you

48-step instructions on how to do your daily makeup application,

& because I have absolutely no problem wearing my good pair of jeans to the barn.

Being dirty has become a badge of honor in the farming community. It shows you are a hard worker, will get done what needs doing, and aren’t afraid to get shit plastered. But it’s almost as if a woman has to become a ‘man’ to prove that she is a worthy of being a farmer.


So what if you can do the job without getting dirty? Does that mean you’re any less qualified to do it?

We are farmers, and we’re in this industry because we love it. We are passionate about it. & I will support any woman, any individual, who wants to farm, whether it’s just a couple chickens in the back yard or a full scale dairy farm; & whether or not they’re wearing coveralls or their ‘city’ boots. I try not to judge.




So here’s to the women in Ag who rock the tank top!

To the women in Ag who pull off the farmers overalls!

 To the women in Ag who are willing to get knee deep in shit!

To the women in Ag who wear makeup in the barn!

Because it doesn’t matter if you wear you’re hair down while you work, or if you can walk out

of the barn without iodine stains on that good pair of good jeans.

If you are passionate about my industry, I will support you.

When the going gets tough, Pull up your boots.


“Gotta keep believing if you want to know for sure… Keep dreaming, even if it breaks your heart”

-Eli Young Band

I’ve had it pointed out a few times over the past couple weeks that I always look so happy in my posts. How do I keep on smiling? How do I still have my hair done when the four-wheeler is broken & the mangers have to be cleaned by hand, when a cow has a still birth with complications & has to be put down, when we have 8 new calves in one week, the same week I’m covering for 3 different people who are away or in the hospital, trying to get chores done by the end of the day.

I hate to break it to you guys; I’m not always smiling. (& my hair isn’t always perfect!) I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal issues lately.

It’s hard to have a ‘life’ when you realize your life has ever so slowly become the farm. You don’t realize it because you love it, you love everything about it, but it can be hard for the people in your life to accept as well. It’s hard work; work that requires hours of sweat, that needs you to be home for certain times of the day, that doesn’t slow down for weekends or holidays.

There will be days when you feel like you’re not where you should be in life. You feel frustrated, overworked, like the people you care most about aren’t there in the way that you need, like you’re ready to give up. There will be days when you feel so overwhelmed. Depressed even. Thinking that the end of the tunnel will never come, that the future you’d been working towards has somehow taken a left turn without you.

Take a breath. & give life the benefit of the doubt.

The one thing I’ve learned is this: it’s all about the next morning. It’s that moment when you choose to be there despite all the ups & downs. When you put your boots on and, no matter how grudgingly, decide to give it your all for just one more day. If you do that often enough, if you hold onto what you love, deal with the bad & focus on the positives in life, and make the conscious decision to see it through… the end of the tunnel will reappear.

Most of all, never stop loving.
Never stop loving; what you do, the people you’ve chosen to have in your life, & never stop loving yourself.

But that’s just one humble cowgirls opinion.

HomeTown Giveaway

My Ring

Hello To All My Beautiful Moos! I have an amazing, super exciting announcement!

I’m officially ‘bigger’ than my HomeTown!

That’s right, my Facebook Page has officially hit more likes than there are people in my HomeTown! That’s over 3,500 people who are helping support me as I try to spread my love for all things agriculture!  I am so beyond thankful for all of the love & support you have given me over the past couple of months, I just have to find some way to give back to you all!


1st Place- (1) $50 Canadian Tire Gift Card

2nd Place- (1) $25 Marks Gift Card

3rd Place- (1) $15 Tim Hortons Gift Card


1- ‘Like The Post’

2- ‘Share The Post’

That’s it! It’s so easy! TO MY U.S. FOLLOWERS, you are such a huge part of my life as well but unfortunately I am unable to offer this giveaway to anyone outside of Canada due to currency. (Super bummed!!!) But don’t think I’ve forgotten about you! There will be another giveaway coming up this summer that will be available to all of North America!


This giveaway is for a series of prizes. (1st Place $50 Canadian Tire Gift Card) (2nd Place $25 Marks Gift Card) (3rd Place $15 Tim Hortons Gift Card) All prices will be in Canadian currency and this giveaway will only be open to Canadian Citizens 18+. Giveaway runs from Feb 5th-Feb 29th 2016. Winners will be announced March 1st 2016.

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November Wrap Up

This month has had some great highlights!

I started off with a coffee tour, my not so secret networking tactic to bribe my way into meeting local farmers. I met some amazing people, saw some great farms, & learned more than I can remember. My gun licence finally came in, which quickly inspired my first ever trip to the shooting range! I like to think I didn’t embarrass myself too much 😛

PicMonkey Collage

A little spontaneous Christmas decorating (tree to come!), some Black Friday spending, & driving down to Kingston to meet with friends to attend the latest FCC Forum event was the perfect wrap up for the month! This little lady got to see Jon Montgomery & Arlene Dickinson present, & even managed to snap a photo with the Dragon’s Den star! Arlene has always been a role model in my mind, but despite considering myself a ‘fan’ I never knew the details of her story and how she fought to make a life and a name for herself. I related 100%; from moving around as a kid, being a young single mother with no real formal education, struggling to find something she’s good at. Pro-tip when attending conferences though… always remember to switch out of your mucky barn boots!


& now, I am so ready to hibernate.

Rushing inside from the chill, that mad stomp trying to get the feeling back in your toes from being out in the barn; Fuzzy blankets, warm fires, smell of hot chocolate & Eggnog, watching ‘White Christmas’ for the 54th time & that wild feeling of do-good-for-others. The snow has been holding off on us & despite my usual aversion to the cold, this Canadian girl is ready to see a little white ♥


Country Stylin

Some may question the theories surrounding retail therapy. Not me, I embrace it.

So despite the upcoming holiday season, despite needing new winter essentials, despite car repairs, & despite an encroaching trip to Disney Land… I decided I needed a little bit of spoiling. I needed to feel good, I needed to look good, & I needed to do something special just for me. I needed to put me first. So I did a little spending 😛


First, a quick browse through Gun Powder Woman’s shop. I couldn’t be happier with my finds, what a gorgeous balance of country-chic! My only regret… why is the world did I decide not to order one of her Fish Hook/Bass necklaces too?!

Big purchase

A quick trip to my local Giant Tiger for some extra comfy Camo PJ Pants, a camo Hair Dryer & Straightener from Jeffers Pet for a matching set, & Fish Scale Leggings from Amazon (Let’s face it, we all know they’re mermaid leggings & perfect for my scale earrings from GPW! Fishing inspired outfit anyone?!)

Lastly… of course I had so have something practical on this list, so now when I go around on my farm tours, delivering coffee to local barns I will also be able to pass out my brand new Agvocacy business cards! Whaaat?!


I’m pretty sure this makes me official. Legit.

These pieces are so chic, & so me with their miss-country flair! I can’t wait to get all of this in the mail & start putting together outfits & handing out these new cards. (Let alone do my hair, 3 months without a hair dryer!!) Checking in again soon, be good until the big man gets here!

Ciao Lovelies!


October Wrap Up

You know what’s really hard?

Starting a blog post after being away from the computer for nearly a month.

No, seriously. You’re chugging along, things are going great (and they are!) & you think you have everything under control until BAM! You’re schedule explodes into what feels like an improve dance to bohemian rhapsody with cows, selfies & sparkle confetti everywhere. So at this point I think I’m just going to go ahead, admit my flaws (actually let’s not get crazy, I’ll admit the obvious one; sporadic procrastination) & let loose the insane that was October.

Back in July I was on the train headed to Quebec City for the International Farm Management Congress & I remember being soooo excited thinking ‘Does it get any better than this?!’ The answer, a resounding yes. Since then I’ve completed my first two 5km runs in support of war veterans & breast cancer, I visited the International Plowing Match, went down to Toronto to see the Outdoor Farm Show, attended the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference, went on a farm tour, a local feed store’s grand opening, signed up for a course in university for Social Entrepreneurship & some how survived this years harvest season to boot! I’ve been reaching out over social media more & more to connect with other fellow unicorns who are just as passionate about Agriculture as I am & along the way I learned something… people actually read my blog. What?!


Crazy right? So there’s my Monday update as scramble to buy myself some time to put together a few more posts for the week.

Don’t forget to connect with me over  Facebook Page, Twitter, & Instagram!


I hope everyone had a fabulous & safe Halloween this year, & best of luck as we rap up this years harvest!


Ottawa 5km Army Run 2015

My legs hurt, my back hurts, my shoulders hurt, my brain hurts… & I couldn’t feel more accomplished.

Technically this was an ‘easy’ weekend that included a 4 day weekend & 0-hours at the barn.

But it also included a day trip to Toronto for Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (updates on the show to come Wednesday!), & running in my first race, Ottawa’s 5km Army Run!


I was talked into joining by a friend back in June & promptly began my training, dedicating myself to run at least 2km every day… surprisingly this even lasted 3 weeks!! Frankly, I’m shocked it lasted that long, & pretty soon I was replacing my runs times with overdue naps.  I’m so glad I stuck to running the race itself though, as it was an amazing experience.

Army Run

This race was run in memory of my Great-Great Grandfather, Major Samuel James Bothwell, a Canadian General of the 66th Battalion who served & died on April 9th 1917 at Vimy Ridge. He was an amazing father to two sons & a daughter, my great-grandma, as well as being a remarkable solider having been awarded the Kinds & Queens medals.

It was a small tribute running in his honor but I’m so glad more people were able to see his name. I was so surprised that more people didn’t opt to wear back signs, running in honor of someone,  but the true strength is in their attendance & showing their support. Over 4,000 people ran in support of our Canadian Troops!

Proud to be Canadian.


Baby Shower Gift Ideas- Baby Girl

I must be going through a baby phase because lately everywhere I look it’s “Baby, baby, baby!”

It’s not really such an issue, if you think about it it’s natural…but it’s when I start sending the man pictures of me with friends’ babies that he starts getting worried.

Lucky for me, my BFF Mrs.T is expecting her first… & it’s a girl! Baby shower is next Sunday & I’ve gone into full blown “Best Auntie Ever” mode! Inspiration… Bows & Camo of course! Just a few baby shower gift ideas from my list…

Camo Baby

Diaper Bag by Desirees Bead Boutique, Camo Onsie by Girls Love Bows,

Knit Camo Beanie by Designs by Leah

How cute are these?! She is going to be the cutest, most coordinated, best dressed baby ever! I literally can’t get over it!


The finishing touch! Kate Spade’s Layette Snowsuit!

I am all over this right now, and I am so happy for Mrs. T! I honestly think I’m more excited than she is & can’t wait for date nights spent looking after the little one! It might just buy the man a few extra months without being pestered with how much we need another one 😛