ONE//Canada’s National Food Guide is Getting a Makeover!

Canada’s current food guide, published in 2007.

Born of the 1942 ‘Canada’s Official Food Rules’, the current food guide was last updated in 2007 and, as many can agree, after 10 years is long overdue for a modern makeover! Controversy ensues as experts debate over various reports & what the information gathered in them actually conveys and what it means for the new 2018 Food Guide. Rumours speculate an end to the ‘milk’ category as it merges into ‘meats and alternatives’. I’m intrigued, although not personally torn up about it. I do find it curious however that there is no talk of merging wheat and cereal products with fruits and vegetables, even though they are a processed form of a plant; the same as how many milk products are processed and associated products of meats. It makes sense, but it doesn’t. Are we letting the loudest ‘consumers’ speak for the rest of us, and demand a change that would be the equivalent of walking into the doctors office and telling them what you think is wrong with you? I found some good articles with the Globe & Mail Here, Here & Here; A few more articles  Here, Here & Here, and be sure to check out the Canada’s Food Guide Consultation and the Revision Process for Canada’s Food Guide.

TWO//Drinking Cows Milk Makes Kids Taller

And on that note let’s scoot over to our next topic, this article from which examines a study that linked a child’s milk consumption with an increase in avg height.  This study found as much as a 1.5cm difference between a child who drank 3 cups of milk a day and one who drank milk alternatives. Turns out milk really is good for you! (Did you hear my eye roll from all the way over there?)

THREE//Read 200 Books in a Year

A model reads a book prior to the Spring 2008 Duckie Brown collection during New York Fashion Week September 5, 2007. REUTERS/Eric Thayer (UNITED STATES)

“The Quick Math:

  • The average American reads 200–400 words per minute (Since you’re on Medium, I’m going to assume you read 400 wpm like me)
  • Typical non-fiction books have ~50,000 words

Now, all we need are some quick calculations…

  • 200 books * 50,000 words/book = 10 million words
  • 10 million words/400 wpm = 25,000 minutes
  • 25,000 minutes/60 = 417 hours”

417 hours a year… 1.2 hours of reading a day, which according to the article is wholly reasonable especially if you were to use it to replace the daily amount of  time we spend on social media and watching TV. Now, I’m not sure of 200 books is within my scope but I would love to set aside more time for reading, writing, and meditating (without cutting into Game of Thrones of course ;P).

FOUR//Employee Buys Out Farm

Loving this story about Duncan & Irene who sold their operation to long-term farm employee, Adam. I adore how they chose to pass on the lifestyle and all they had built together, onto someone who would appreciate it and continue to grow the farm and the business as opposed to just selling out. It is such a beautiful way to leave a legacy and inspire others at the same time!

FIVE//Five Marys Farm

Seriously loving this amazing family and all that they do on the farm! Between the blog & Instagram accounts, they do an amazing job at promoting agriculture, and provide a glimpse into their daily activities and family life on the farm. They even emphasis agri-tourism and do Mother/Daughter retreats on their farm, how cool is that?!

Who will you inspire?

Monday Inspiration

What a day! Two sets of twins born at the dairy farm, dry cows got mixed with milking cows due to a broken latch, a bull calf somehow managed to find his way into ‘the pit’ (he’s ok!), another litter of kittens, chores taking care of our last batch of chickens, trying to sign up for school (vet-tech?!), as well as attempting to catch up on emails and such. Phew!

You’d think that by being so busy, I’d know which direction I was working in. But the truth is, I’ve been a little aimless in my workings lately and I feel like it’s finally catching up with me. I’ve been so focused on just ‘trying to make it work’ and ‘catching up’ that I haven’t taken the time to really decide what I want and where I want to be. I felt that I was loosing what made what I did ‘meaningful’. I have a tendency to go through surges of intense inspiration and ideas, followed by a slight lag in enthusiasm when those huge dreams don’t pan out the way I imagined… or just plain old take too long! So this week I did a little soul searching & one thing that often helped me find my center was writing. Wasn’t that why I’d started this entire blog in the first place?! To write and share that passion, and those inspirations with others. What am I doing that will create balance and happiness in my life now… not just 10 years down the line when I finally get that 100 acre farm I’ve been dreaming about? It’s a hard question and something that will need some time and thought put into it, but in the mean time…

ONE//Traveling in Beautiful British Columbia

Did someone say vacation? Yes please! About two weeks ago, my Dad whisked us away to BC for a week for a small family reunion. It turned out to be an amazing trip, with my favourite part being a toss up between waking up to see the sunrise on Salt Spring Island, or the Kangaroo Farm in Kelowna. Of course no trip to BC would be complete without reconnecting with my absolute best-friend, Chelsea, and a night out to celebrate after being apart for 4 years! (Rum & Coke by the literal pail & a mechanical bull, that’s all I’m going to say!) It was so amazing being able to hang out with family after so long; learning how artistic my Grandmother is, being able to see my Dad in all his glory as a Grandfather, and planning matching cousin tattoos. Our itinerary was pretty packed & not a minute was wasted, & I couldn’t be more fortunate to have those who I call family in my life.

TWO//What do people talk about in Therapy?

“Yep, all those special accomplishments that you think make you so extraordinary and lovable?

I have to tell you something, nobody cares.”

The author of this article, Katherine Schafler, goes on to say that it’s our unique mix of ‘ordinary’ that makes us stand out. I loved this article so much, I literally printed it out and have it set aside in my office for re-reading and ‘meditation’. It really shows you how you may feel ordinary but it is how you go about being ‘ordinary’ and your genuine personality that goes on to make impressions and create relationships. I think this is such an important lesson to take in, especially in the world of social media!

THREE//Professional Makeup Artist Classes

Yup, the nerd is out of the bag on this one and I’m totally geeking out after coming across a course discount being offered through Groupon. This is totally going on my bucket list for this year! Home made mermaid tails anyone?! ;P


Kylynne Sheffield

Ironically one of my girlfriends just started her own pet & house sitting service, and I think I’m going to seriously recommend farms to that list! What a great idea, and a great way to get involved with farming and the agricultural community when you can’t or don’t want the constant responsibility of a farm. Not only do you get the experience, but it would open so many doors for learning and networking, an idea for aspiring farmers to help get started?


I’ve been feeling extra crafty lately, even if I haven’t been quite sure how to do it, I’m quite certain that I will find a way to try. That’s what I love about Nicky, and her artwork. She found a way to start, and to try; to give her passion a chance… and in the end it all paid out! Check out her online shop here, her fonts and artwork are exquisite!


Who will you inspire?

Monday Inspiration

My inbox has been overflowing with farming updates & emails so this week is going to be a little different while I try to catch up and sift through some of these articles. There are so many exciting things happening with Ag this year, but here are a few of my facourite stories to come out recently!


ONE// 2016 Agriculture Census


TWO//Urban thoughts on Ag

Absolutely loving this article from and some of stats they’re giving from a recent survey of Toronto residents. This was one of my favourite points:

“Notable study findings:

–          When asked when the last time they visited a working farm, 14 per cent of respondents said within the past 90 days. (27 per cent said in the past two years, 17 per cent said within the past 5 years, 24 per cent said within the last 7 years or more, and 14 per cent said never.)

–          68 per cent of respondents said they have not worked in the agricultural industry, nor do they know anyone that does.

–          When asked to scale their level of ag industry trust from one to five (five meaning a high level of trust), 35 per cent of respondents said level five (or a high level of trust), while only 6 per cent said level one.

–          Those that had visited farms recently had a higher degree of trust in the agricultural industry, relating also to a higher degree of support.”


THREE// Farm Crawl

This is such a good idea!! I’ve been on a few farm tours over the past couple of years and they are always a highlight to any event or conference I’m attending. I particularly love their branding, Farm ‘Crawl’, to me it screams hip and fun, reaching out to the younger audiences as well. Would love to see more communities setting this up with local farms and really encouraging their residents to get back in touch with their food and their communities!

FOUR// Generation Agriculture

I also loved this article from (why yes, this is my favourite source for farm & agriculture related news :P). Students from various schools competed for a $500 prize by taking part in meetings, field trips and special projects, all to learn and expose themselves to what agriculture. Each team’s task was to then come up with a business name and marketing strategy to inspire their peers to consider a career in agriculture, and present those ideas to a panel of judges from the ag industry. Again, this is something that can also be sponsored at a local level and I think would be so valuable to engaging teens with their local community and agricultural businesses!

FIVE//Prison Farms in Ontario might re-open

Image result for prison farm

There is potential for two prison farms in Kingston, Ontario to re-open based on feedback from a local survey from 2016.

“The results of the study were released in November 2016. They included:

  • Closing the farms was a mistake,
  • Agricultural labour generally rehabilitates offenders,
  • Working with animals rehabilitates offenders, and
  • The farms prepare inmates for employment generally, not just in the agri-food sector.”

I love initiatives like this and couldn’t agree more. There is a connection made when you work on a farm that I don’t believe can be made anywhere else; to your food, your animals, the earth, your customers, and to yourself in your feeling of independence and self-worth. An especial congrats to the local community for seeing the value and supporting this!

Who will you inspire?


Monday Inspiration

ONE// Chicks & Sheep!

No automatic alt text available.

Our order of chicks finally came in and so the ‘growing’ season begins! I’m not ashamed to admit I’m more of a ‘summer’ farmer than most. ie. I HATE the cold and prefer options that involve minimal winter-time exposure. Meat chickens are great because they mature in about 2 months, so you don’t necessarily have to over-winter, especially when doing small-scale farming. Some of the other options I’ve been looking at expanding into are honey, sheep, rabbits, and tilapia. Big News! My mom & my neighbours have both agreed to allowing a couple of sheep to graze on some unused property! Being a little late into the season, it looks like my big project this summer is going to be building a pallet fence to enclose the grazing areas and I can’t wait for next spring!

& yes, I legitimately walked up and knocked on my neighbours door and asked if I could put some sheep to graze in their yard! I love how this just goes to prove that as a young, self-starting farmer you don’t necessarily have to own the land you work on, you just have to be able to think creatively, find solutions, and take chances!

TWO// Ontario Local Food Week June 4-11th

This past week was Ontario’s Local Food Week, promoting consumers to be conscious of their purchases and supporting our local communities. Now, obviously I’m a little late getting to this, but I really think this is something to keep in mind year-round… or at least during the growing months. This August I’m considering a ‘vegan experiment’ and local food is going to be a huge factor in that for me. Luckily there’s at least 5 local food-stands or Farmers Markets within a 10 km radius of where I live so I don’t think this is going to be a problem!

THREE//Minimum Wage

Image result for ontario minimum wage

This has been a huge deal in Ontario lately where we are set to raise our minimum wage from it’s current stance at $11.40/hour up to $15/hour by January 2019.  This is set to go up in increments starting with October 2017 to $11.60, $14 in January 2018 and finally $15 the following January. This is going to have a huge impact on Ontario residents, and I feel most especially in the way of farmers and local produce. Check out this great article from highlighting some of the issues. My opinion, I see the pitfalls, but coming from someone who grew up in BC where the average hourly wage for a full-time retail worker was $19.20/hour in 2012 and from a young single mom who has struggled to make ends meet and having to put her daughter in daycare & school from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm so I was able to fit in the hours needed to make a minimal living… this increase is long over due.

I feel that people, myself included, will always increase spending alongside increases in income. When comparing the cost of living to future generations, such as this article from the Huffington Post, and article #1 and article #2 from, you can see that there is hardly a comparisson. Now, is 1938 or 1975 the ideal point of balance? perhaps not, but I definitely feel that there is a discrepancy that could be addressed to a certain degree.

FOUR// Mandy Harvey on America’s Got Talent

Mandy Harvey is proof that you should never give up on your dream.

Posted by America's Got Talent on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I’m not usually one to tear up too often, whether it’s on Facebook, at movies, or in person. But this video of Mandy Harvey during her audition for America’s Got Talent was a winner in this case. After loosing her hearing due to a degenerative tissue disease at the age of 18, she uses this opportunity and her performance to encourage others to ‘Try’ and to follow their dreams no matter what. I’ll let the video explain the rest, but her singing is bar-non regardless of her ‘disability’.

FIVE// Hair & Beauty

I’ve had such a problem with a dry scalp lately & I thought it would get better once summer kicked in… no luck! One quick trip to Shoppers Drug Mart for what was supposed to be Head & Shoulder’s new Almond shampoo & I’ve seem to have acquired some other must have hair products! My favourites so far are the got2b’s Beach Trippin’ Salt Infusion Wave Spray to give your hair perfect beach waves and the Argan Oil. The salt-spray is awesome, I put it in after a shower as it dries naturally and my hair looks perfect, plus it’s great for mid-day touch ups as well. My hair is sooo hard to curl, so this gives me just enough umph! The Argan oil is a great complementary product to the Head & Shoulder’s Almond shampoo & conditioner. I add it to my L’Oreal Power Moisture conditioner and when I massage coconut oil into problem areas around my hairline and at the base of my neck. I find it’s smell, or rather lack of, actually overrides the ‘fake’ smell of my hair products and leaves my hair smelling clean & fresh, not like a bouquet of fruit.  Also on my list of beauty products to try is the Orgins Night-A-Mins Moisturizer, and the Fresh Soy Cleanser as recommended by The College Prepster, as I’m incredibly prone to sub-dermal acne, and as of yet Pro-Active is the only thing I’ve found to make any sort of difference.

Monday Inspiration

ONE//Happy Mother’s Day!


I’m not usually one to make a big fuss over holidays as I tend to believe in random acts of kindness & ensuring your loved ones feel appreciated year round. However, while browsing at Children’s Place I just couldn’t help myself when I came across these t-shirts! $10 a piece, with a custom one from Danielle on Etsy for the Mama for $30  (apparently I still fit in children’s size XXL, who knew!) Because of the impeding rain we decided to snap the pictures ourselves although I may have to reschedule the photographer because I honestly love them so much!

Two//Silo Art 

Image result for silo art

An awesome art initiative has recently sprung up in the local area and has me head over heels for the idea! has partnered with local artists to create a agri-tourism art route, where bikers and Sunday drivers can tour the country side to see these amazing pieces of artwork drawn onto the sides of silos. I think this is such an inspired idea, and can’t wait to see the finished product!

THREE//Adhesive Push-Up Bra

Image result for adhesive tie bra

By now you’ve probably seen the ads for these everywhere, especially Facebook and Instagram. With a friend’s wedding coming up, and having bought a strapless evening dress I finally gave in and bought one just to see. The verdict? Worth the money, but not worth the hype. It works well enough but I find you need something with a tight structured top to keep it in place ie. no loose t-shirts or tank tops or else it might just become ‘unstuck’ in the middle of a meeting… But, should you wear it under the bodice of a tailored  evening dress or slip it under your regular bra for extra lift, it works and stays beautifully. and it is rewearable! I’ve worn my several times now and it’s still functional, although not at sticky as the first 1-2 times.

FOUR//Face Off
Image result for face off tv show

Nerd alert! My slightly obsessive fantasy side comes out every time I watch this show, and although I’ve probably mentioned it in the past I’ve recently realized that the seasons are available to buy over iTunes. Can you say binge watching?! I absolutely adore this show and could only ever dream of having these types of skills. I can hardly even paint, let alone sculpt, mold, and apply prosthetics! Although, I might have to try my hand at a mermaid tail or two this summer ;P

FIVE// Chickens!!

Looks like we’re doing chickens again this year & I’m so excited! Due to the limited space we have in the barn & the fact that we will be quadrupling our order this year we’ve come up with a rotation plan to maximize our efficiency. It looks like we’ll be raising chickens either from May 31st-September 6th or June 14th-Oct 11th with two batches of orders throughout the summer. I was hoping to max out at the 300 limit, however it looks like 200 will be our order. This still leaves a bit of growth for next year and gives us an extra year to plan for expansion before we apply for the artisanal chicken program!


Who will you inspire?

Tuesday Inspiration

ONE//Echo Look

I’ve tried a few style & closet organization apps, but nothing that really held my attention. It was more of a hassle trying to remember to take pics, and almost impossible to consistently get a good angle. But I kind of love the idea of the Echo Look, a stationary, voice activated camera that takes the pictures for you. This is definitely being added to the wish list, if only when I’m able to finally renovate the closet to justify the $200.

TWO// Kelly Prescott 

Image result for kelly prescott

Based on a casual recommendation I came across some songs from Canadian Country singer Kelly Prescott & I can’t say how much I absolutely adore her work. I’m a huge fan of everything Canadian and Country, especially local artists like Jordan Macintosh, and Brea Lawrenson but I honestly think Kelly takes the cake. Check out her Facebook page & give er a go!

THREE//Wedding Dresses

Last weekend my little sister was about to take one of the biggest risks of her life… ordering her wedding dress online without ever having tried on a single wedding dress. Ultimately I argued that it would be selfish to deny her favourite older sister the opportunity to stuff her in the biggest, puffiest, blingy-est dresses imaginable. Although it’s not ‘the one’ I absolutely adored this Vera Wang dress! It was so much fun encouraging her to find her style & try on as many dresses as possible, and amazing to see how much she’s grown and matured into becoming this amazingly beautiful bride-to-be!

FOUR//Cutest Mudding Jeep ever!

Image result for Kynsleigh mud bog truck

With Calabogie’s Spring Fever Offroading event coming up over the May/24 weekend in a next weekend I’m absolutely obsessing over this Facebook video! How cute is this?! Some how I think she pulls it off way better than anyone else ever could! <3

FIVE//Kate Spade Bags

Basset Lane ($528), Full Plume Wicker Peacock ($458), Full Plume Mint Leaf ($298),  Straw Peacock Clutch ($328)

So I miight have saved the best for last! I’m absolutely head over heels for this seasons new bags from Kate Spade. They’re the perfect mix of western, whimsy & class! (As always!) Almost everything I own eventually ends up spending overnights in the car or in the barn at some point so I have a hard time justifying the price; but Kate has a solution for that too!

Make it Mine Candace Purse ($398), Bow Wrap ($148), Reversible Leather Wrap ($98)

Welcome the ‘Candace’; your standard daily use purse that incorporates interchangeable wraps to refresh your look without having to purchase a new bag! Something to keep in mind for a little later this summer?

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Monday Inspiration

ONE// Outlander

Image result for outlander

Haven’t been feeling well this past week so i found myself quite often on the couch with the ipad binge watching Outlander. Synopsis, WW2 nurse is thrown back in time and falls in love with a Scottish highlander. It is sooo addictive, I couldn’t put it down, and I think I can honestly say it’s one of my favourite series/movies ever… dare I say, better even than Game of Thrones. You grow so attached to the characters and the uniqueness of the setting, it simply gives me chills every time I hear any of the cast speak Gaelic. Season 3 is set to air this coming September, and I can’t wait!

TWO// Hunt & Polo

Apparently I’m having a UK obsession as a whole, what with my recent addiction to the Scottish series ‘Outlander’ and my secondary obsessions as I look into the traditional British sports of Polo & ‘Hunting’. As the snow melts I find myself back in the saddle more and more often now that I have access to a horse. While it looks like he won’t be a fit for polo as he’s quite stocky & lacks the flexibility in a polo pony, I think I still make look into attending a few games at the very least, one of which being the Polo in the Park fundraiser. Which of course leaves the Ottawa Valley Hunt due to start up soon & see what it’s all about.

THREE//Working Out

Image may contain: one or more people, living room, shoes and indoor

Last winter I managed to make a point of going to hot yoga on a regular basis… this year, mmm not so much. I’ve been sick so often this year, I try not to use it as an excuse and as a matter of fact I think it might actually be due to the fact that I’ve been getting less exercise. While I’ve been looking into polo & ‘hunting’ to spend more time actively in the saddle I’ve also been trying to find more ways to be active at home that don’t include a 40 minute drive & city traffic. As of yet I’ve tried P90X (1-1/2 workouts that require too much time), Country Heat by Beach Body (Semi-ridiculous dance moves that would offend any true country dancer), PIYO dvd’s, and the app, Sweat with Kayla. Now, I haven’t tried those last two and I’ve got my fingers seriously crossed that I can jive with their routines a little bit better, but have noted that while I need an overall routine, have the same routines time after time do challenge my focus and enjoyment. What do you do to keep fit?


This past weekend also happened to offer the perfect opportunity for a getaway, a girlfriend’s Bachelorette! Pinterest quickly provided the inspiration needed for a cake, & a few hours later we were in the car on our way to a cabin in the Gatineau hills. It was an awesome night with great drinks, some amazing girls, and a highly competitive game of ‘Catch Phrase’! ;P

FIVE//Decisions That Are Hurting Your Career

I’ve had a lot of changes over the past couple months & to be honest, I’m not entirely thrilled with how some of those decisions have played out. So when I came across this in my Instagram feed, it resonated with me. Over the next couple weeks I’m hoping to be able to really sit down and identify some of these issues and seeing what small steps I can take to start tweaking things in a positive way. Because I plan on nailing down a solid routine with efficient habits & taking full advantage of this summer!


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Monday Inspiration

What a crazy couple of weeks, it’s been sooo busy! I try not to get too hung up if I miss posting for a week but it’s about time we got things back on track!

First off, I’d like to welcome all of the new followers to this site. Social media are my dominant platforms but this past week there has been so many new subscribers. So welcome and thank you for choosing to share this blog with me! Mondays are usually my ‘zen’ days as per my New Years Resolutions, days where I focus on what I love, what’s exciting , and what’s catching my interest this week!


ONE//Pop of colour in the Kitchenaid

House renos are coming apace and with the kitchen nearing completion I’m absolutely obsessing over this Pistachio Green Kitchenaid mixer. It matches the room’s accent wall perfectly, and after using my mothers mixer a few times for cakes lately I totally see how useful they are when trying to wrangle fondant, cake batter & whipped cream!

TWO//Make Your Cake & Eat it Too

Speaking of cakes, these past few weeks I’ve been swimming in batter! Between a cake for the Ag society, a friend’s Stag & Doe, and the Carleton Jr. Farmer’s Alumni Dance I think I may have found a new hobby! I’m hoping to do a more detailed post on the decoration process the next opportunity I have to make one of these, but I have to say Amazon was an absolute necessity. Even a few studious trips into town didn’t come up with the things needed to make these cakes. The Buck & Doe were the perfect touch to the ‘log’ layer of the stag & doe cake, made possible only with the use of a silicone Bark Mold and a few amazing YouTube tutorials!


So I know it’s a little early but I’m absolutely crushing on these red cowboy boots for Canada Day! Canada’s big 150 is coming up and I really want to celebrate in style ;P ! Best part, Shepler’s has them on sale right now for $53! The last pair I got like this a while back were pretty good for what you paid for them and lasted a year with the heel wearing down faster than the leather!

FOUR//Mother’s Day Photoshoot

What started off as innocent window shopping turned into a full fledged obsession this past week. Touring around Children’s Place & I found these shirts, ‘I got it…‘ & ‘Style Icon‘, and turns out I somehow magically fit into the largest child’s size (Yusss!!). Instant Mother’s Day inspiration and quickly grabbed two ‘I got it’s’ for my daughter & I, and custom ordered a copy of ‘Style Icon’ for my mother from etsy for a 3-generation photoshoot! How stinkin cute is that?! Make sure to check out my Pinterest Board for more Mother’s Day photoshoot poses and ideas!

FIVE//Remember your goals!


April has officially come which means: 1.Quarterly Year Review & 2. I not have exactly 2 months to get a bikini body by summer. So, I’m reviewing my New Years Resolutions & crunching down on one in particular, Fitness!! I’ve started with some P90X workout videos I already had, but to be honest they kind of kill any motivation I had to work out in the first place. They are an hour to an hour and a half long!! Who has that kind of time?! Maybe great for a weekend workout but my attention span doesn’t last that long apparently and half way through I’m pulling out a beer. So, based on a recommendation from a friend I purchased the BeachBody Country Heat kit for $50 which incorporated line dancing into a kick ass workout. Yes Please!! Throw in a $25 PIYO workout dvd set (Pilates & Yoga), & I finally feel confident I’m ready for summer!

Who will you inspire?

Monday Inspiration

ONE// FMC Young Farmers Successor Development Program

I am such a huge support of Farm Management Canada! They were the ones who encouraged me to apply to a similar program 2 years ago while passing their booth at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show, and it changed my life. Their amazing team inspired me to start sharing my love of farming and helped bring me actively back to the farm. This is an amazing opportunity for young farmers, and I couldn’t recommend it enough! Apply now, DEADLINE March 31st!  

TWO//Agriculture Literacy Month

CALM Twitter Contest

What an amazing year for Canadian Agriculture!! Not only did we have our very first Canadian Agriculture Day, but Agriculture in the Classroom has extended Canadian Ag Literacy Week and is encouraging us to celebrate it for a full month! I think this is a fantastic idea, and to help promote Canadian farmers & their stories they are hosting a twitter contest! Winners will receive $250 to go towards a charity or school of their choice, DEADLINE March 31st! Get involved!

THREE//Alltech, My Farm, My Future


This one blows my mind! Alltech is sponsoring one amazing young farmer & a guest to attend the Alltech Ideas Conference, based on farm video submissions where entrants will say how they are ensuring the future of their farm. $1,500 will be given towards travel and accommodation expenses, and entrants videos will be selected by public voting on their Facebook page.  Apply now, DEADLINE April 3rd!

FOUR//Breakfast on the Farm

Another great way to get involved in agvocacy efforts is to attend or host a ‘Breakfast on the Farm’! This year it will be hosted on the Donker’s Family Farm in Shedden, 30 minutes outside of London, Ontario. It’s perfect for farmers & townies alike, so get your tickets, invite your friends, spread the word, volunteer, or maybe even host your own!

FIVE//4-H Global Summit

July 11-14th Ottawa will be hosting the Global 4-H Network Summit! I think events like this are such an important piece of the puzzle in encouraging and supporting young farmers, offering an amazing experience and learning opportunity! If you’re located in the Ottawa area, help support this initiative & volunteer! I’ll see you there!

Who will you inspire?


Monday Inspiration

ONE// Ottawa Valley Farm Show

Ottawa Valley Farm Show

This show will probably be my life next week, between the show itself, helping out at the Junior Farmers booth & the After-Party it is going to be such a great time! They did such an amazing job with their re-branding, and I love to see how many young people have been attending! Don’t forget to stop by the Junior Farmer booth on Tuesday morning, March 14th to hang out! We’ll also be holding a draw to win tickets to the Ottawa Valley Farm Show After-Party where all profits will be benefiting the Carleton Junior Farmers!

TWO//Ottawa Valley Farm Show After-Party

I am so excited! This Thursday I will be hosting my first ever fundraiser, & all profits will be going in support of the Carleton Junior Farmers. (Yes, I’m also stressing out like crazy, but how cool is this?!) There will be everything from free food & signature drinks, to free line dancing lessons and a stack cup competition to win a John Deere model tractor! But that’s not even the best part, country singer Brea Lawrenson will not only be performing but also doing a meet & greet as we welcome our first guests to the event! Whaaaat!! So quick quick quick, head over and get your tickets! Don’t forget to spread the word & #OVFSAfterParty!

THREE// Mermaid Obsessed

If you know me you know at least 3 things; 1. I have a horrible memory 2. I love farming & 3. I go through sporadic periods of mermaid obsession! Last night was one such time & I couldn’t help it, I went a little overboard. I ordered the swimsuit and all the accessories from SammyDress & it came to a complete total of $34 (Swimsuit $15), including shipping ! I can’t wait for it to get here, but while the night progressed I found myself making a couple other purchases!

  1. Baby Mermaid Swimsuit $5, 2. Kids 10-14 Mermaid Swimsuit $12

Naturally the little one needed a mer-suit of her own, & while I was at it I threw in another one for a girlfriend’s 2-year old. SO cute! Now, babies apparently are the easiest things possible to find themed swimsuits for, however I had a heck of a time finding anything from size 8-14. Ebay proved to be an amazing resource though & I bought both with shipping included for only $25!! I even convinced the girlfriend to buy her own to match with us, & not going to lie… custom beach towels, drink tumblers, and flounder/sea shell beach totes are totally on the list of things to buy next!

FOUR//Pool Inflatables

  1. Shell $38, 2. Shell $70/$104, 3. Starfish Beer Float $15, 4. Unicorn/Pegasus $50, 5. Cow $35

The mermaid swimsuit obsession was quickly followed with a hunt for accessories. From shells, to unicorns; from inflatable cows to the cutest little starfish floating beer holders! The only bummer is I’m pretty sure these toys are disallowed at public pools & water parks, but they’re just the thing for the backyard or at the beach!

FIVE//Canada’s Agriculture Day Numbers

There were so many events and initiatives surrounding Canada’s first ever national Agriculture Day, and it was great to see other young farmers getting involved! A quick follow-up according to Farm & Food Care on the impact made over social media. (this is seriously amazing!):

  • #CdnAgDay had 31,800,000 total impressions and #JourAgCan had 4,000,000 for a combined total of 35,800,000 impressions!  #CdnAgDay was the number one trend in Canada on Twitter for 6.5 hour
  • 1,800+ photos shared on Instagram using #CdnAgDay/#JourAgCan with over 12,000 impressions
  • 160,000+ people reached in English and 23,000 in French with 5600+ engagements on Facebook

Who will you inspire?