When the going gets tough, Pull up your boots.


“Gotta keep believing if you want to know for sure… Keep dreaming, even if it breaks your heart”

-Eli Young Band

I’ve had it pointed out a few times over the past couple weeks that I always look so happy in my posts. How do I keep on smiling? How do I still have my hair done when stuff is broken & so many things still need to be done, when animals are sick, when you have 8 new things pop up, the same week you’re overwhelmed at work, trying to get it all done by the end of the day.

I hate to break it to you guys; I’m not always smiling. (& my hair isn’t always perfect!) I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal issues lately.

It’s hard to have a ‘life’ when you realize your life has ever so slowly become focused on work. You don’t realize it because you love what you do, but it can be hard for the people in your life to accept as well. It’s work that requires hours of your time, that needs you to be home for certain times of the day, that doesn’t slow down for weekends or holidays.

There will be days when you feel like you’re not where you should be in life. You feel frustrated, overworked, like the people you care most about aren’t there in the way that you need, like you’re ready to give up. There will be days when you feel so overwhelmed. Depressed even. Thinking that the end of the tunnel will never come, that the future you’d been working towards has somehow taken a left turn without you.

Take a breath. & give life the benefit of the doubt.

The one thing I’ve learned is this: it’s all about the next morning. It’s that moment when you choose to be there despite all the ups & downs. When you put your boots on and, no matter how grudgingly, decide to give it your all for just one more day. If you do that often enough, if you hold onto what you love, deal with the bad & focus on the positives in life, and make the conscious decision to see it through… the end of the tunnel will reappear.

Most of all, never stop loving.
Never stop loving; what you do, the people you’ve chosen to have in your life, & never stop loving yourself.

But that’s just one humble cowgirls opinion.

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