Monday Inspiration

This Week’s Monday Inspiration:

ONE// Shanyn Schmidtknecht’s Bedroom Reno

PicMonkey Collage

Full Disclosure, I totally screen-shot these pics that were a part of this huntress’s Instagram story. But to be fair, her bedroom is pretty freakin epic! Can’t wait for better pics to be posted when it’s completely done ❤

TWO// Kendall Jenner’s 73 Questions with Vogue

I completely do NOT follow the Kardashians at all, but I love this video and say what?! …. 6:18 “If you had to choose another career what would you do?” “Probably working on a farm somewhere” Way to go Kendall!

THREE// ‘Milk Run


An amazing agritourism idea by Courthouse Hill Farms located in Nova Scotia. This 232 year-old, 1000 acre farm hosted a running event that featured stops along the way inviting runners to learn about and explore the farm.

FOUR// Mini Chicken Pancakes

chicken pancakes

What we do for our animals haha!

FIVE// Always #LikeAGirl Campaigns 2014, 2015 & 2016

Love this because it’s not just about girls, and it’s not just about sports. This can apply to any woman, whether she’s 14 or 41 and whether she’s in sports or business, or say farming 🙂

What will inspire you this week?


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