My 2017 New Years Resolutions- Finally!

Now this might seem a little silly due to the fact that it’s nearly mid-February, but I wanted to nail down my New Years Resolutions. I read so many great posts from friends, family and fellow bloggers but trying to juggle my new job with the local Agricultural Society while still working at the barn, I was too busy to really sit down and find that Zen mind frame I feel is really needed when trying to plan your future goals. You have to really know what you want and how to get there, and that’s not easy!

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1. Organization & Planning

As you might be able to guess, #1 on my list was organization & planning. There are so many things I want to do this year, before I could even think of what I wanted to do I had to make sure I had a way to make sure I could do it. By creating my own planner I was able to ensure I wasn’t double booking, I could plan ahead for events and projects, post everyday, and most importantly that I didn’t forget! (My singularly most annoying and worst personal trait, a BAD memory!) Although I made sure to put the planner together as soon as I could, remembering to use it has been another issue altogether. Appointments are fine but finances have been a challenge, particularly small daily purchases like coffee.

2. 36,000 Facebook Followers

I feel like this could be a bit of controversial goal as it’s so hard to really put value on numbers in social media. You might have lots of followers but little engagement, and if I’m not engaging my followers then I feel I’m not really doing my job as an agvocate in helping grow and create a community atmosphere. However, my first year working with Facebook as my primary platform I managed to reach 12, 000 followers. I was beyond stoked at all the positive feedback and support from the community (you guys are amazing! Totally my favourites!) & I want to stay ambitious. I’d love to double that first year progress as the more people who follow, the more who are likely to share and help inspire others to see the opportunity in agriculture!

3. Engage & Support

Building off of Resolution #2, I want to put more emphasis on engaging people! Whether this means local events *hint hint*, focusing on more sharable posts,  and supporting young, new, and female farmers! In particular I want this resolution to include a specific project I’ve had in mind for a while, a video supporting the various women who are connected to the agriculture industry. I want it to be fun, sassy, and really speak to the women who feel like they’re not ‘man enough’ to be a farmer. (Because we all know that’s poop!) Second project this entails in increasing my outreach to schools and doing presentations with my day old chicks. I’d love to grow this not only in the number of schools served but in the services offered, so not only will I be doing presentations, but I’ll be able to leave classes with eggs & incubators, garden kits, or aquaponics kits to prolong their engagement and learning!

4. Improve Photography Skills

Last year I bought a relatively decent camera, used it a couple times but fell back into the habit of predominantly using my phone due to portability and convenience. So while the tools are important I also think fine-tuning my mind set to recognize and frame great shots will go a long way as well. Last year I signed up for a yearly membership with Skill Share and hope to schedule in weekly ‘classes’.

5. Start Youtube

Part of me really wanted to make this resolution ‘Get a professional laptop & start youtube’. Mainly because while Snapchat & Instagram have been my go-to for quick, in-the-moment videos I would really like to be able to product quality videos that are longer than 10 seconds, and learn how to edit them myself. However, with today’s technology and the number of apps available I’m sure this can still be managed with a run-off-the-mill desktop. (yes, I am THAT old school!!)

6. Do more style posts.

The main focus of this blog has always been as a bridge between the two main interest in my life, farm & design/fashion. I’d love to incorporate more original content, style oriented posts to help inspire and connect with other country enthusiasts! because let’s face it, cowboy boots will never go out of style!

7. Read More.

Up until now all of my resolutions and goals for this year have been career/blog based. Which is great except it doesn’t leave a lot of room for the soul. You are what you eat… or in this case read, learn, and share.  The best way to learn, to find things worth sharing with others is to simply read. So this year I want to read more; more blogs, more news, more Ag-Magazines, more books!

8. Learn French.

I’ve had this app, Duolingo for forever! But I could never seem to keep up with the training schedule  I gave myself for more than a week at a time. I really want need to get back into the habit of practicing a little bit everyday and gradually getting better. It’s incredibly humbling when my daughter is in a completely French school & I can barely read the teacher hand-outs!

9. Exercise More, Ride More.

I’m putting these two together because, although some might disagree, I think or rather, like to think riding counts as exercise. Quite often I’ll end up jogging beside as the horse warms up for the first 2km, then riding the rest of the way. Two issues… I hate the cold so riding and exercising outdoors in the winter is unequivocally out. Second, I was sick for pretty much the month of January so I kept putting off creating a workout schedule (a task for this weekend maybe?). Those P90X DVD’s are accumulating dust and that bikini body won’t be ready for summer if I don’t start soon!

10. Find Zen

I guess all of these goals, dreams and resolutions ultimately come together into one ultimate idea for this year; to find Zen. Through all the chaos and stress of life it’s so easy to loose touch with one’s ‘self’. I know, I know, “Anna, you’re getting all hippy dippy again” but it’s so true! A lot has happened and I want to have such confidence in who I am as a person and my decisions  that I can maintain calm in my day to day. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! Farming will always be full of surprises, some welcome and some not so much, but finding that quiet strength inside yourself is invaluable in getting through life’s challenges.


So there they are, my goals, dreams & aspirations for 2017! I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me, and to see what I can do! Life is what you make if it, what will you create?



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