Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas & New Years… Oh My!

The holidays have come and gone but the festives are far from being over!

Our anniversary consisted of revisiting the bar & ugly Christmas sweater party where we first met + ditching a work party in favor of a ‘Hobbit’ marathon before going to see the third & final installment of the series, ‘The Battle of the Five Armies’. Coincidentally, last Christmas Eve we had re-watched the first Hobbit & the second movie, The Desolation of Smaug, had been our first real date. *Awww*  I love that even so early on in our relationship we are already making our own traditions, & while I may often be a little free spirited at times, my man offers the perfect amount of routine to my life. I think he was just happy I only made him sit through 1 Christmas movie. (White Christmas, filmed in 1954 and still the best classic!) Anniversary gift… keeping it traditional with an ugly Christmas sweater!

UCSMy Ugly Christmas Sweater consisted of a very ‘elfy’ blouse.

Christmas was a little more chaotic, with a mad dash down to Toronto. The one time I’ve ever missed city traffic…. 10am Christmas morning! Scott & Miss. B received season’s passes to the local water park, & I like to think I achieved ‘amazing-girlfriend’ status by telling Scott to wait to see what I got him so I could keep the surprise factor, and then just getting me my own pass right back. My man couldn’t just let me wake up on Christmas morning to nothing however, and he knew I had (somewhat but not entirely) jokingly included a $600 camera on my wish-list. So when the first gift revealed a frame, I started getting excited… lo-and-behold the second present was a camera! Just not quite the one I had asked for; goof-ball had wrapped multiple layers of gift wrap & tissue so I had to work to get my brand new … disposable camera. One of the many reasons why I love him! My favourite gift though must have been my new IPhone… thanks Mom! 🙂


Grandpa’s getting her started on science early; 7-yo & her first microscope!


Our events are now officially half-way over with just Scott’s birthday & New Year’s to go! Given the spending traditional with the Christmas holidays I’m keeping his birthday gift small this year with a Wrangler’s sweater for under his work jacket, & a hand-knit scarf by yours truly! I’m already dubbing it his Love Scarf. Paired with a New Year’s party he is hosting (can you say indoor pool!) we are in for another busy week!

Come the New Year I’ll also be selling my camper, trading my truck in for a car, & moving to a new apartment in February. Wow! I can’t believe how busy life has become lately & I’m so thankful to have the family & friends that I do, especially Scott. All too often the holidays & the stress that comes along with them bring out the worst in people & having that one person who can deal with you & stand by your side makes all the difference in the world… and of course, mothers who are ok acting as a drop-in daycare!


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