Eating well this year- Step 1, Education

New Years Resolution #4.

Eat Well.

I may have made the resolution but low-and-behold, two weeks later I’m still left reeling trying to figure out what that even means! Visions of bright leafy greens and un-processed meats were fleeting, as one small peek under bed revealed monsters disguised as carbs, sugar, & fat. Look a little longer and you see even worse; gmo’s, industrialized farms, & various chemicals like herbicides, pesticides & horomones. So I did what any other modern 20-something young woman would do… I turned to the internet.

I vaguely recalled that back in October Jimmy Kimmel did a short segment on GMO’s meant to illustrate the general publics’ lack of knowledge on what GMO actually means. Earlier in the year, in May, he had also done a similar skit regarding gluten & tried to have those who had chosen to be gluten-free explain to him exactly what it was. I started with these & let me tell you, Canadian citizens certainly highlighted that lack. Of course you only see the edited footage but I like to think I was smarter than the average bear in each these scenarios so I delved a little deeper… into Netflicks.


Food Inc: A look at the industrialization of our agricultural sector.

THE BEST documentary so far. Most of the other documentaries I watched were great… if you were looking into the subject; this documentary is a must-see for everyone, regardless if you are researching the issue or not. The way the information was presented didn’t come off as scare tactics… it came across as facts. It was well directed, read like a block-buster film, and I think it addressed a lot of issues with the industrialization of our farms in the Americas. My take out: I loved, L-O-V-E-D  Polyface Farm’s take on what a farm should be and how it should be run. As well as the idea that organic foods CAN and do stand up to the competition in the market place. Marry these two ideas and sprinkle in some Agri-Tourism and you have my ideal farm.



Chew on this: Various speakers from TED talk about our food & nutrition.

Another must-see for everyone; not every presentation may be what you’re looking for but the good thing is they’re all short & packed with information so really, you might feel like you wasted 5 minutes but you also might have learned something. My take out: Graham Hill’s presentation, Why I’m a Weekend Vegetarian & Dan Barber’s, How I fell in love with a fish were my favourites. Jamie Oliver was also part of the list but I felt his talk wasn’t nearly as good as his Chicken Nugget experiment with UK children & American children. That experiment still stands as my all time favourite social experiment!



GMO OMG: Jeremy Seifert is a concerned father and takes to his own devices to find out exactly what GMO’s are and what that means to us as consumers.

This was a good documentary that specifically highlighted the control the commercial industries have over public knowledge of GMO’s and the agricultural industry itself. Farmers are sadly lacking in control over their own farms, & although it takes a bit of time to warm up, towards the end we see the devastating effects of GMO foods in an experiment conducted on rats who end up with massive cancerous tumors. My take out: Grow your own & buy locally. It’s so hard to tell what’s a GMO with our horrible packaging regulations, and organics, in my opinion, are just too expensive. So this summer, when I can’t grow my own I’ll be trying harder to buy locally.



Food Matters: Various experts give their opinion discuss & give their opinions of healthy eating.

Overall it was a little dry for me, with not a lot of background given on the experts, but it was still worth the watch. My take out: What really clicked with me was their bit about natural therapies & vitamins. Medications are for acute problems, nutrition is for chronic. All to often we confuse the two with trending diets for a quick fix to weight, or thinking that pills could be a long-term solution for chronic depression.

Needless to say this past week and these documentaries have certainly given me something to think about and if nothing else have solidified all future plans to get into farming asap. I can’t wait to make a difference in not only my life, but to join those who are trying to provide these options for the rest of the world as well. Moving to an apartment is certainly going to hamper my plans to grow anything, but I’ve no doubt I’ll find away to make it work! On an end note I’d like to play devil’s advocate and link to a site that actually makes a case against Jamie Oliver’s Nugget Experiment… every perspective has it’s arguments and to refuse to hear them only makes us more ignorant!


What was your take away from this? I’d love to hear about any more documentaries I may have missed!

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