Healthy Weight is a Happy Weight

Throughout my childhood I was involved in a lot of sports; while I never specialized in any one activity, I absolutely loved trying each new experience. I believe this, coupled with some very positive parental support, gave me the ideal stage in which to build my self-confidence going through life. I was never (and will never) be ‘skinny’. Right now I stand at a size 6-8, am 5.7 ft, & weigh 145-ish pounds. I have learned to never let myself be sucked into the conventional views of beauty as propagated by the media & what other people might tell me is right. This is key for a young woman growing through her adolescence, and something I’ve come to value beyond measure as a young mother. Thankfully, over the past few years that ‘ideal’ woman is slowly turning from a size 2 rounding the corner to become a strong, healthy, independent woman. Which brings me to…

Happy Healthy Weight Day!

I’d love to share some of the great campaigns that have circled the internet promoting this perspective!

Healthy is the New Skinny“s Love Campaign


Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign


Dear Kate’s Perfect Body



Look at these women! They are all gorgeous and it’s not just their body; it’s their face, their personality that comes through the pictures. I have a huge amount of respect for these women presenting themselves so naturally to, literally, the world! This is of course our average woman, but today is also about being healthy too, so taking it to the next step… I’d like to blow your minds. Welcome Howard Schatz.



Whaat?! I LOVE this campaign, #1 because it shows that healthy comes in all forms not just the ‘ideal’, but also #2 because it actively encourages people to get healthy and fit, not to just settle for the ‘average’.

Lastly… I’d like to highlight two exceptionally lovely ladies if anyone is in search of a role model. First, Robyn Lawly… a 25 year-old size 16 model (first plus size model to ever appear in a Ralph Lauren campaign & in Vogue Italia 2011) & cookbook publisher! Gorgeous! and again… personality!


Next up is a little more well-known lady, Jennifer Lawrence. Again, Gorgeous.


Yet another great role model on body image. This girl is hilarious & not afraid to speak her mind. I won’t lie, looking for a photo of her to include quickly turned into hours just scrolling through some of her quotes… so for your enjoyment I present J-Law…

1387132043394802 tumblr_mz0at3YHQJ1ralbooo1_500 untitled

Adore. Keep on loving yourself! Signing off.

yupPs. Paris Haute Couture Week is next week!


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