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I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be seen as a victims & so, these are just few of the faces of the heroes who gave their lives for free speech last week in an attack on a satirical newspaper that left 17 people dead over a 3-day standstill. Essentially these people were killed because they made jokes pointed towards the wrong religion, & extremists took advantage of it as an opportunity to extend their radicalism in a violent manner in a way meant to shock the public into fear. This was the response they received from Paris…

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I am so proud of the Parisian community, their bravery to stand for peace in the face of ongoing attacks. It really hit me what a difference there is between the challenges being faced between us in the Americas & those in the European states. Just a few short months ago we in Ottawa lost cpl. Nathan Cirilo to a radical attack on parliament hill that nearly shut our city down for the rest of the week. There were rallies, people missed their appointments at our office, & a number business closed for the days following. I can’t even imagine what these people in Paris must be experiencing with multiple attacks, & deaths in the double digits.

There are of course people who make excuses for these attacks, saying that the newspaper should have been more sensitive to religious views, & I have to admit I was leaning towards this perspective at first. However,  I made the choice to educate myself & breezed through their lists of comics… they’re not that bad & they poke fun at everybody. Jewish, Muslim, Catholic… they have all been used as fodder for controversy in Charlie Hebdo’s satirical comics.  One of them happened to speak directly to my own views…


Muhammad  is being beheaded by an ISIS fighter shouting, “I’m the prophet, you asshole,” while his killer says back, “Shut up, infidel.”
By killing freedom of speech you are in fact killing your own religion. Our world will never stand still and is in a continuous cycle of flux & change. To try and control this is to deny life itself, because you will never learn, never grow, & never be satisfied.  If you are never satisfied with yourself, you will always feel angst for that quiet love that will sooth your soul & give you peace whether it comes from your God or from those people around you that care.
To end on that note I’d like to give my greatest love to those in Paris & anyone who reads this, that we can always continue to stand for peace & find that peace in our own lives.
Stand Strong Paris


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