Happy Drink Wine Day & a Local Winery!

My Lovelies…

I would like to not only wish you a Happy Drink Wine Day, but I would also like to introduce you to the best winery in the Ottawa Valley region!



The Perrault Winery is located just 20 minutes outside Ottawa, Ontario, is family owned and produces its own local wine. The vineyard is as organic as you can get without the label, the people are so friendly, and the wine is fabulous!

Now when I say friendly, I mean you can literally walk in on a summer afternoon and spend it chitchatting and taste testing out on the patio. Fair Warning: You will go home with a bottle… or 5. My favourites are their new Liqueur de Vignoble and their Nectar des Neiges (Ice Wine). The Liqueur is phenomenal and great with just about anything, while the ice wine is just a smidge drier. Best yet, their prices are great too!

I haven’t quite worked my way up to being a wine connoisseur yet but hopefully these will still qualify for today! 😛 In the mean time I’ll keep looking forward to when they re-open come spring and dream of Sundays spent sipping away the sunshine hours!


Let me know what your favourite wine is, I can’t wait to try some of them!


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