Happy Belated Easter?! Yes, I’m that good at Procrastinating!

Happy Belated Easter!

Ok, so this post is really late, like really late. I swear, I have a good excuse! Here I am going down some back country roads, roads I literally drive 2-3 times a day, when I hit a pot-hole. Well, there goes a tire! Crap… a quick phone call to Scott and he has me waiting inside his truck so I could have the heated seats while he changes the tire for me (That was seized!) and puts on my doughnut. Over the next couple of days he then proceeds to get me a new tire, pick it up & switch it over for me.

A week later I pull off of this same road and onto the highway, about 200 yards from the on-ramp, *BAM* another tire explodes off the car! Alright, so this time I call CAA as rubber was visibly seen flying out behind me, and got a (not-so) quick tow home. After replacing all four tires, and getting completely new rims I feel safe to say that I now have my ‘tire’ situation under control! Lesson Learned: *Be careful trying to ride out ‘just one last season’ on a pair of tires!*

Easter Weekend

The Easter weekend itself however was quite pleasant. We managed to take Miss. B out to a local farm for their East egg hunt, and got to take a quick tour around to see their animals, including the sweetest little cow ever! I must have a thing for redheads!

One of my best ladies, Ms. F decided to try and get my head back in the game with a night out and eagerly agreed to try our hand at a little rock climbing. When we came in they pointed us towards a beginner wall and said they didn’t expect anything over a 5.5/5.6 difficulty, and if we made it up to 5.8 would be nothing less of amazing. Come the end of our 2 hour session and when we pointed out which routes we had completed, our attendant suggested one last climb to end the night on an easy climb and help us unwind. Are you starting to get the suspicion it wasn’t an easy climb?! Well, turns out that cheeky Mr. sent us up a 5.9, and we did it!! I’ll be the first one to admit Ms. F blew me out of the water! I kept up, but barely!

Hopefully everyone else’s Easter was even better and you found some time to enjoy the oncoming spring weather, time to sit down with family, and time to just flat out sit down and enjoy a little down time! I know that’s what I’m looking forward to most over the coming weeks, but with planting season coming up I don’t think I’ll be holding my breath any time soon! Ep!


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