94-year old man continues to work his 450 acre farm

I just wanted to share this quick, astoundingly inspirational, story with everyone.

Michelle Siu from Toronto put together a short photo-story on 94-year old farmer, Charles Bradley, his wife, & their 450-acre farm.


I’d like to put this into perspective.

The farm I work on is about 600 acres, however… we have 4 employees. The 60-yo farmer, his late 20’s son, an employee in his late 30’s, and me in my early 20’s. The younger three are not far into/past our prime and we are not very far from busy every day of the week trying to keep up with the ever rejuvenating chore list.


This man is hands down amazing. It is a dream to be able to farm at all, but to be able to live such a healthy & active lifestyle and to continue to do what he loves up to his age is phenomenal. I love that Ms. Siu had the passion and insight to give us a glimpse into such a memorable life.


I can just imagine what a more in-depth interview with him would reveal about his life, experience, farming, & history as a whole. What a privilege to be able to sit down with someone like that!


If you could do something for the rest of your life, what would you pursue?

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