A Muddy Kind of Weekend

What a crazy couple of weeks!


A family weekend at the local Mud Bog event… the events were great & when The Little got bored of course my baby girl found a group of boys to hunt frogs with. However, note to self: water + dirt brings out the stupid in posers. Once the rain hit it was a free for all as people rushed to their cars and gunned it through the mud to avoid getting stuck. I almost got hit twice due to fish-tailing & no traction for the brakes. You are at a mudding event, in a field. Bring an appropriate vehicle so you don’t risk the safety of others or park back near the road with the other 2-wheel drives.

I went to my first blood drive! Now, I actually didn’t get to donate due to low blood-iron but I had convinced a friend to go with me so at least they got to do some good! If you’ve been thinking of donating, especially if you’re a young adult, I can’t encourage you enough! 5 donations can save a person’s life, and I once I started asking around to try and get some friends to join in I was astounded at how few people can donate due to similar medical reasons like low blood-pressure! Check out their site & find out if there’s a blood driving happening near you!

Last was a quick trip mudding in North Augusta at the Spring 2015 Wheels A Churnin event. Omgosh… if I thought the Mud Bog event had been a little dicey, pardon my French but can you say Shit Show!  Ms. F & I headed up after work and got there after the events to have a couple beers with some friends who’d gone up for the day. The second we paid our entrance fee and got into the gates we realized what we were in for. It was the first time either of us had gone to the event & it was redneck city to the max! Everyone was ripping around on bikes, four-wheelers, trucks… a motorized toolbox on wheels … you name it! Injuries & freak accidents (aka stupidity) are common but luckily we were with a  good set of people & literally had a double line of trucks in a ring between the mudding pit & the fire. We did have a ton of fun though!

Story: Drunk guy comes up to a friend and seeing them having some trouble opening up their beer can offers to help. He then proceeds to bite down on the tab, & rip the entire top off of the can… with his teeth. Below you will also find the appropriate way for rednecks to pick up dates.


Keep it classy North Augusta.


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