A Week of Denim: Day 1, Travel

When you first start planning clothing for a casual trip the first thing you tend to pack is your cute outfits; the heels you got last week that you’re dying for an excuse to wear, or that super cute top you just found on sale at your favourite store. But all too often we forget about what we are going to wear to get to our destination; as they say, life is about the journey.

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Having said that, I am so happy I chose this outfit to travel to the conference in. 6 hours spent on the train are never comfortable but by wearing a good pair of jeans, flats, & a simple top at least you don’t add to your discomfort. 😛


A Week of Denim

Suzy Shier Denim Vest ($30), Guess High Rise Jeans ($138)

I found the high-waisted jeans paired very nicely with a cropped denim vest, and although in order to attend a professional meet & greet I kept a long tank top tucked in, this outfit also looks phenomenal when paired with a crop top.

I’m afraid tonight will have to be short and sweet though lovelies as this hotel bed is oh-so comfy, and the alarm clock has been set for the am hours!


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