A Week of Denim: Day 3, Rosie’s Workwear

I’m a girl.

I like girly things. I like having my nails done. I like fashion, makeup & over-priced lattes.

I’m also a farm girl.

Meaning that despite all my ‘girly’ tendencies, I also don’t mind digging down in the dirt and getting a job done when need be. This often entails rummaging through old clothes, & sometimes even thefting a set of overalls laying unattended by unsuspecting co-workers.

& then I discovered Rosie’s.

Rosies Collage

Hands down, I was impressed when I came across Rosie’s Workwear. I felt like I’d finally found the best of both worlds, amazing chic-ness with great functionality. This sturdy fabric is perfect for withstanding a heavy workload (hay season anyone?!) but get this… it’s soft. Love! Great movement and flexibility, and it even has a second snap option on the sides so you can tighten it at the waistline according to your preference. One of those small details you can really appreciate.  One further detail is the removable knee pads for extended kneeling along those extended garden beds! Rosie’s Workwear really knows that a woman’s clothing is as much a tool as what’s in her toolbox!


Disclaimer: These overall’s aren’t technically denim, but they are very close and really, they are close enough and I think they are way better than your usual jean overalls. I’m wearing this outfit today for our farm tours & honestly can’t wait to show it off! Because you always need a little fashion on the farm & who better to do it than Rosie’s Workwear?! ;P


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