A Week of Denim; Day 7, Homeward Bound!

The last & final day of my trip to Quebec City!

& While it was absolutely fabulous, and I had a great experience (Ever go into a bar not knowing anyone, & come out with friends?!) I am also so happy I chose a no-fuss, minimal effort outfit for my final day in town. I was exhausted!



Boots from Payless $15, Similar at AE Gypsy Boots $68, Short Cowboy Boots $147, Shirt from Walmart $15,

Bluenotes Buffalo Plaid Shirt $20, Danier Fringe Bag $99

You’d think I’d have realized how much stuff I’d packed on the way there, but holy smokes, on the way back you really start to reconsider if it was absolutely necessary to bring three spare outfits, & that entire suitcase of shoes. Short answer… yes, a woman is always worth the time and effort she puts into herself! 😛


Thanks all for stickin around & checking out my Week of Denim, hopefully I’ve inspired a few to try ‘n rock the dukes!

Make it your own, & never be afraid to stand out!



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