Architecture Beyond City Limits

Envision … a setting sun painting the evening sky a vivid array of dusky hues, the silhouette of a large red barn illuminated as the sun sinks down into the back drop of frosted fields.

unnamedThat’s my family farm.

An old, rugged barn standing for over a century. Its age clearly evident through the crumbling concrete, exposed posts from decades of freeze-thaws, and the siding from its many extensions slowly giving away to gusting winds. Sure it’s old, but it’s part of a history that dots the entirety of North America. So, I thought it the perfect subject for Architecture Day!

Welcome the iconic North American barn!


But don’t let me stop you there, despite my own personal preference for the traditional there are so many options! We have yellow barns, white barns, blue barns, and… excuse me while my crazy shows… Pink Barns!!


Looking for a little more substance to your barns than just a coat of paint? Try varying materials as people around the world make use of what is available to them! I won’t lie, my up and coming chicken coop may turn out to look more like the pallet barn seen below rather than those acting as my inspiration.

Interest Barns

 There is such a variety of materials, colours, and design techniques put into the construction of barns around the globe, each giving us a brief glimpse into the people who made them and the world that surrounds them. They reflect the functionality they were made for and bring back the deep-seated emotions of ‘Home’.

For more barn enthusiasm check out my Pinterest Barn Board!


Does your heart go to the traditional red wood, or do your creative sparks fly with these other options?

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