Artisanal Chicken Policy- My Take

A few weeks ago I wrote this post outlining some issue’s with Ontario’s current restrictions on small-scale poultry farmers, & how it affected not only myself, but other small-scale farmers & start-ups. Little had I known that just the day before Chicken Farmers of Ontario had announced its new Artisanal Chicken Policy which has extended the no-quota limit up to 3,000 birds a year.

Basing myself off of my previous calculations of a $3.10 profit/bird, this could maximize a small-farmers profit margin to $9,300 in whole-chickens a year! Not a lot on it’s own, but this can be a great contributor to small farms who are looking at diversifying.


Needless to say I was over the moon when I first heard of this program, & don’t get me wrong I still am, but then I came across this article.

It addresses a few issues such as the application process, allotted growth,  & taxes.  So, as with all things dealing with the government, there is definitely some fine-print & a few things that still  need to be sorted out. Overall though I am feeling really optimistic for the coming year. Better yet, I recently pulled over seeing some neighbors cleaning out their barn (yes, these random stops to chit chat on are a regular thing :P) & turns out they were using the barn as storage while they set up their own micro-brewery business and now that it is empty they are interested in leasing it out… say to a young lady looking to start her own chicken farm! 😀

Miss. B doesn’t seem to mind this idea as she hand picked her favourite chick from this years order for my mothers farm &  it quickly adapted to the idea of car rides & naps. There’s still a long way to go, but I think with a little positivity, determination & sweat, in another 6 months I’ll finally be taking my first steps towards being my own farmer <3

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