Back to School Locker Decor

Lil Miss. B is #Back2School!

As any overly obsessed mother would do, I immediately took her out clothes shopping and bought her an outrageous amount of new clothes, shoes & accessories. (She officially has more shoes than me!!) However, one thing I wasn’t prepared for … the locker! She’s in Gr 3 and she’s already graduated to locker status… what?!

& who knew locker decor was such a big thing?!

Time for me to do some research… Pinterest, Away!

Locker Collage

Inspiration Acquired! Next Step, Dollar Store!

Itemized List:

Craft Magnets

Mirrored Butterflies

Super Glue

Glitter Tape in Silver

Owl & flower wall decals

Magnetized Photo Frames

Light Bar

Small Calendar

Magnetized Mirror

Magnetized White Board

3 Magnetized Catch-Alls

Candle Vase

Pink Storage Box


Pink Place Mat

School Survival Kit: Spare hair elastics, hair brush, bandaids, hand wipes, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, body spray, tooth brush & tooth paste, & klenex.

Miss B's Locker

Everything came out to about $60, we taped the inside of her locker door & the only ‘crafty’ thing I did was super-glue the butterflies to the magnets, as I didn’t like any of the actual magnet options that they carried at the time. You can’t see it in the picture, but along the inside on the left of the locker is a touch-light bar as well. I still have a few pictures of our adventures to print out so we can collage them on the inside & put in her frames but so far she is still really happy with it! It’s the most amazing feeling in the world when your child turns to you and declares you ‘The Best Mommy Ever!”.

I’m pretty sure this is an official status. 😛


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