Balancing Urban Work & Rural Work

Townie Hours:

I work regular office hours in town, Mon-Wed, Thursdays are late nights but Fridays I get off a couple hours early. (Ps. They are my favourite, not because I get off early, but because Friday is Doughnut Day at the office)

Farm Hours:

I work on a farm for 1 1/2 hours an evening Mon-Wed & Fri-Sun. Saturdays I tend to work for a couple more hours in the morning.


Wow, That’s roughly 55 hours a week! This doesn’t include prep in the mornings or evenings for lunches and school or drive times. Add to the fact that I don’t actually get any one day off because when I’m off at the barn I work late in town and vice-versa.

This past month also introduced harvest. After corn is brought in from the fields it has to be put through a large industrial dryer to take out any remaining moisture to help prevent spoilage while being stored. Depending on the farm it may then be crushed and added to feed or sold. So on top of my normal hours I’ve been staying overnight at a dryer to take moisture tests. Thank goodness I have literally the most amazing man in the world who understands how important each of these aspects of my life are!

This really just shows how hard it can be balancing not only rural and city life but family life too!

Despite all of the work, I am honestly blessed. As a financially single, young mother I have two sources of stable income, am able to provide my daughter with an amazing home environment where she can choose to come into work with me at the office on Fridays (if I let her skip school!) or visit Grandma’s barn learning how to take care of animals, the land, and experiencing some valuable life lessons along the way!

Sunday mornings however, are my holy grail and reserved for little Miss. B, the man of my life, and the biggest breakfasts I can put together!

yupWhat keeps your busiest in life?


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