Country Stylin

Some may question the theories surrounding retail therapy. Not me, I embrace it.

So despite the upcoming holiday season, despite needing new winter essentials, despite car repairs, & despite an encroaching trip to Disney Land… I decided I needed a little bit of spoiling. I needed to feel good, I needed to look good, & I needed to do something special just for me. I needed to put me first. So I did a little spending 😛


First, a quick browse through Gun Powder Woman’s shop. I couldn’t be happier with my finds, what a gorgeous balance of country-chic! My only regret… why is the world did I decide not to order one of her Fish Hook/Bass necklaces too?!

Big purchase

A quick trip to my local Giant Tiger for some extra comfy Camo PJ Pants, a camo Hair Dryer & Straightener from Jeffers Pet for a matching set, & Fish Scale Leggings from Amazon (Let’s face it, we all know they’re mermaid leggings & perfect for my scale earrings from GPW! Fishing inspired outfit anyone?!)

Lastly… of course I had so have something practical on this list, so now when I go around on my farm tours, delivering coffee to local barns I will also be able to pass out my brand new Agvocacy business cards! Whaaat?!


I’m pretty sure this makes me official. Legit.

These pieces are so chic, & so me with their miss-country flair! I can’t wait to get all of this in the mail & start putting together outfits & handing out these new cards. (Let alone do my hair, 3 months without a hair dryer!!) Checking in again soon, be good until the big man gets here!

Ciao Lovelies!


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