DIY Yearly Planner

Between working on a dairy farm, raising my own chicks, helping out with my local Ag Society + all of the extra projects I always seem to have on the go (including helping out with house renos!) I finally came to the realization that I need to become more organized! I’ve always managed to make things work, but sometimes with more stress than would be needed should I have had a proper planner appropriate for the type of work that I do.

New Years Resolution #1: Create a Planner.

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Now, seeing as how it’s already the New Year (ok, maybe a little bit past!) I really didn’t have time, or want, to wait around for shipping. My local Chapters is normally a pretty good bet, but nothing really spoke to me. I’ve NEVER found a planner that ticks all of the boxes but with a little work I was able to piece one together myself. IĀ found a relatively good planner template available to print for free from Designer Blogs Studio.

Pro Tip: Highlighters can be your best friend while organizing different types of appointments!

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It includes yearly and monthly finance trackers, Month by Month personal and blog calendars, a page for your yearly goals, and a great page for daily to do lists. I love this last one in particular because I love being able too have separate pages for appointments & to do’s, and the weekly and monthly calendars are great for a quick glance vs detailed time allotment. Although they do have a weekly planner included in the package I didn’t find it detailed enough for me so instead I created my own custom format from

Side Projects?

No problem! Side projects (such as upcoming fundraisers *hint) get their own calendars, post planners, and to do listsĀ tucked into the inside binder pockets. This helps keep everything categorized while still ensuring its organized, together, and that all schedules are cohesive.

How do you stay organized?




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