Office to Date Night- Dynamite Blazer & Plaid Tunic

 The crux of my life… I live a generous 30 minutes from town & make the drive back and forth every day. This isn’t so bad, I actually like the time to wake-up/wind-down, tune into the radio, & escape to my thoughts. The only time the distance manages to frazzle me is date nights, specifically if they are on a Friday night. This not only means I’m driving into town twice but that I’m also rushing to try and do it in a 2 hour time frame… and get ready!

My solution: Pick an outfit that can perform double duty; that can blend into the office environment and stand out just enough to catch his eye that the end of the evening. I loved this outfit, it was rockin’ & gave a hard edge to my country style that I sometimes forget I can pull off. I decided on a pop of colour with a classic red lip, & to curl my hair for a tight effect during the day and by the evening they relaxed into a wavier effect.

SONY DSCSuade & Faux Leather Blazer $59.90 Plaid Tunic $40, BlueNotes Super Skinnys $29.90

-Dynamite… STOP taking down pages. I know for a fact these pieces just came out, there is no way they are discontinued yet. Just let us know they’re sold out and let us deal with it. In the mean time, your customers are trying to use various forms of social media to link to you & talk about your products!



 Blazers can be a lot of fun, & paired with a dark plaid this one made me feel like one kickass country girl! I even braved the shoulder pads & getting a smaller size than I normally would have thanks to the girl that helped me pick it out at the store. It’s a good thing too because I think it fit spectacularly; shopping alone really make you appreciate having a girlfriends opinion!


Payless Christian Siriano Flats $12

Outfit Total: $141.80

How do the majority of the shoes I pick just happen to be Christian Siriano’s  ‘Payless’ line?! Ever heard of that phrase ‘Champagne taste on a beer budget’? I’d say it perfectly describes me except that Payless actually makes it possible, thank goodness!

This entire ‘outfit experience’, from the shopping & purchase to styling & actually wearing it out was great. I say this because (as I mentioned) I did a lot of things I normally wouldn’t have; I bought a smaller size, went for shoulder pads, and pulled off a rock-ier look than I normally wear on a daily basis. I think this just really shows the identity you can build up around yourself, you become accustomed to a certain ‘size’, or never venture to try a different style because we’re not ‘edgy’ enough or ‘too old’ etc. I loved it though, & I definitely got an appreciative nod from my man!




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