Dynamite Holiday Sweater

 I feel like a total tease posting this right now… there must be some sort of blogging rule against this.

The sweater that I was so excited to share last week from Dynamite is officially sold out! On the off chance there are still a few in your local outlet though I didn’t want to let you miss out!


It was so cute!

Sometimes it’s so hard to find an outfit for the holidays, let alone THE outfit. If you’re a bit more conservative like me it can be hard to get that balance of ‘WOW’ and ‘…wow’ (all you flowers know what I’m talking about!) not to mention comfort while you’re stuffing your face with turkey & all sorts of sugary confections. This shirt was my perfection, it has the perfect silhouette for any body type, conservative in the front, a little bit of ‘party’ in the back, and I couldn’t get over the flecks of metallic pinks & blues. Glitz with the price tag of $45.

SONY DSCLink here… Maybe it’ll come back up?




Not the best picture ever, but it shows the flecks of colour beautifully!

SONY DSCPayless Lower East Side Chelsea Flats $19.00, Garage Leggings $14.90

Outfit Total: $78.90

I found this to be a great Christmas party option to add to the closet, classy with a bit of that ‘WOW’ factor. I felt comfortable & I felt good, what more can you ask for over the holidays?!


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