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Heck Yes! These past few weeks have been ridiculously hectic but it’s the first month into the New Year & I’m rolling! I’m minimizing costs & clutter in life and prioritizing the steps I’m taking to get where I want. First step was limiting costs, so I sold my camper I wasn’t using & sold my truck so that I might be able to downsize to a car. This was a 2-month long process that ultimately taught me a few things.

1. Plan Ahead: The best thing I did was give myself the time in which to make the sale. I wasn’t in a hurry so I didn’t feel pressured to make a deal I wasn’t comfortable with. Even as it came down to the wire with the trailer (I’m moving in less than a month & didn’t have anywhere to park it) I didn’t let them see me sweat! I was selling it pretty cheap, $1,400 asking, but it was an old trailer, and it hadn’t been fully winterized. (whoops!). So when I had low ball offers coming in at $800 I was ok with saying ‘no’. A month later, at no extra cost to myself, I had three offers within an hour of each other for $1,200. SOLD!

2. Know What Your Worth & Start High: Know what you’re selling & what it’s worth. In addition, always ask more than what you’re hoping to get for it, especially when selling online. People will constantly try and low-ball you, so make sure you are giving yourself room to go down when you have serious buyers who need a little extra incentive to feel like they’re getting a ‘deal’. It’s like that parable where a furniture store puts a sale sign on the chair, but never actually lowers the price. Also, don’t let your attachments add more value than it’s worth. I loved my truck, but I’ll admit it had a few areas where some cosmetic touches would be needed.


3. Be Organized & Don’t Talk Too Much: This was Scott’s best advice and let me tell you, that man can sell snow to the Eskimos! It addressed two of my vices & I can give you this advice now from my own personal experience. I wasn’t organized (Big Shocker!) and my tendency to share life stories, while may be great from a bloggers perspective, gave the wrong impression to a couple of buyers. One showed up with coffee & asked me out to dinner, while another felt we were on the comfort level of showing up at my house unannounced while I wasn’t there!  You also don’t want to talk them out of a sale or give them reasons to negotiate the price down, just give them the facts! Organization is also very important, something I’m realizing more and more as my disorganization affects me and the opportunities presented to me. I didn’t write down the times I’d scheduled people to come and view the trailer, & on top of that I scheduled them too close together! So on the morning that I sold the trailer I had three people show up at overlapping times! One even arrived as the trailer was being sold to the second viewing I had forgotten was supposed to be coming, soooo embarrassing!

Hopefully this is one of those instances where others can learn in place of my mistakes, because trust me, it will save you a good handful of anxious moments & ultimately lead to a better sale!

My take away from all of this… the man might be better suited to doing the selling from now on. I’ll stick with purchasing. 😛 On top of this busy schedule I got the keys to my new apartment early and was scheduled to move the big pieces of furniture this Friday. My Man had different plans… I worked Saturday at the barn so he rallied a couple of his friends and they moved the entire house… all of it. These guys were beyond amazing and I am so honestly blessed to have a man who takes such good care of me!

yupAre there any other buying/selling tips, or embarrassing sales moments?



    • Oh gosh, it’s so easy to talk too much! I think I’m connecting with the buyer until I get that side-long glance from my man… oops!

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