Get Your Farm Animal Themed Screen Saver!

“The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday”

Maybe not the quote you see this post, but I’ve been doing a little self reflection lately. Who do I want to be in 3 years? Where do I want to be? What do I want to be good at or seen as? How am I going to get there?

So, I’ve been trying to find areas in which to improve myself and my skill set. One aspect of the answers i came up with brought me down the road of digital graphics. I love art and how it can communicate messages as well as evoke emotions at the same time, but I’ll admit, I’m not an artist. I’m mildly decent at recreating art but when creating my own pieces, somewhere between brain & pen the visual I originally have gets lost in translation and doesn’t come out…. well let’s be gentle and say clearly 😛 My resulting goal then, if I am going to be more internet and computer savvy is to improve my graphic imaging skills.

Like all beginners, I started out simple. The farm was the theme, of course, & I came up with a set of extremely basic images. For a first time, I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome. I think they’re cute, perfect for the farm themed screen saver on your phone or tablet! I had so much fun creating these, and the chicken, cow, and goat are definitely favourites!


Farm Animal Themed Screen Savers









Don’t forget there are so many ways that you can contribute to Agvocacy efforts, every skill set is needed! Nothing is too big or too small, & it can be as simple as someone seeing your screen saver and having it spark a conversation when you reply “Thank’s, I’m a farmer”

So no matter what you do, and no matter your current skill sets, always find new ways to explore, new ways of improvement yourself, & always follow your passions <3


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