Father’s Day Gift Guide


I wanted to start off with my favourite memory of me and my father but honestly… there are just too many to count.

From sneaking with me to watch Power Rangers (even after mom said no! :P), and walks to the park to feed the ducks, to handing me a map at 10 years old and telling me to plan our 2-week, cross-country trip and helping get my PADI Diving certification. My Dad has continuously been there for me no matter if it meant listening to me vent, or having to tell me what I didn’t want to hear. I attribute a lot of who I am to the guidance he provided me in growing up and the encouragement he gave me to make my own decisions and to always push myself outside of my comfort zone. He knew how hard it would be, and he not only chose to be a father, but he chose to be a pretty darn good one at that!

Sometimes I find it a little hard to really show my appreciation for what that means. We are now a country apart and phone calls always seem to be the first thing to fall to the side when life gets busy. So guys, we have just a couple days left to really crack down and find that awesome gift! If you’re old man needs something, or knows what he wants then you are one of the lucky ones! But if he’s anything like mine, if he wanted it he would have already bought it. Which means, we have to find something he doesn’t even know he wants yet! Something so crazy, so unique he hasn’t even thought of it! Enter, my Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Fathers Day Collage

Beer Making Kit $48.00, Carbon Water Filter $99.99, UV Water Purifier $98.99, Power Solar Charger $87.98, Blue Tooth Beanie $29.00, Personalized Hammer $37.58, Wet Traditional Shaving Kit $108.99

First of all, brew your own gluten-free beer… I might be getting this for a couple of my girlfriends! But I love how each of these options is not only useful, but keeps its own sense of masculinity and uniqueness without being overly cheesy. For my own father personally I think the water filters & solar charger would be the best choices as he’s taken to hiking recently… maybe I’ll throw in a can of bear spray too…

Shirt Collage

Super Father/Daughter $48.93, Daddy/Daddy’s Girl $37.63, Adorable Babies $37.63

Omgosh. But guys, I can’t get over these shirts… am I the only one that thinks it would be hilarious to get the ‘adorable babies’ set and mail it to him with a picture of me wearing mine?! Age in appropriate, completely haha but I think that just makes it that much better! This might go in the que for next year! 😛

Happiest wishes to all the father’s out there, old & new, and a special shout out to my old man who has helped me survive 24 years in this crazy world and always looks out for me! Love you always Dad <3


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