Feeling Lush- Review


Fun Fact: My skin sucks.

I don’t know what it is, I had perfect skin all throughout high school & my teens, but between break outs and dry skin the past two years have been horrible so I’ve decided it’s finally time to take action and find what works best for me!

My first go to is always Mrs. C, not only my best friend  but an absolute genius when it comes to cosmetics & nutrition. This gorgeous lady knows what to do and won’t leave me on the rocks, so she sent me to Lush.

Lush Review

(1)Floating Island Bath Melt $7.95 (2)Pink Fun Bubble Bath Bar $6.95 (3)Oatfix Face Mask $6.95

(4) Movis Face Cleanser $9.95 (5) Magnificent Soap $6.95

I have to admit, I was dubious. I walk past a Lush store every day at work and it looked… like a fruit cake convention with soap. The hippy-dippy feel was not me, but I got over my prejudice and gave it a go. Lo and behold my ‘judge a book by its cover’ attitude was completely wrong (when is it ever right, really?). The people working there were phenomenal, they were well educated on their product, physically showed you how to use it and let you try it in store, as well as sending you home with an ample amount of samples, and when it came time to purchase they were quick and efficient. Also keep in mind that all of these products are organically based, vegan and the entire company has a very naturalistic approach!

Their bath melt and bubble bar were awesome, not as much bubble as you would find from commercial chemical bubbles but the smell and feel of them was great! The Magnificent soap was ok, much like any other soap with a great feel and minimal ‘residue’ feeling. My favourite soaps as far as smell go though were Rock Star & Godmother, I literally couldn’t stop smelling Godmother in the package! Finally some fragranced products that don’t irritate my skin!

I also tried their Grease Lightening Spot Cleanser (not pictured) for blemishes for about 2 weeks and I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed. My blemishes are still there, new ones are coming up just as quickly, and are healing just as slowly as ever. I did find it helped a lot with my physical irritation though and has helped curb my annoying (and gross!) habit of scratching. You feel like they aren’t there as much. I also tried their Skin Drink & Imperialis face moisturizers, I found the first left a waxy feeling on my face that I didn’t like while the second left it greasy. Keeping in mind my skin tends to be dry, but is also very ridiculous. What didn’t work for me might just work for you.

My Favourite Products:

Ah I’m so excited to share these products! First the Oatfix face mask, oddly enough what I loved most about this product was the experience of using it. I love that it has a very organic look and feel to it, and it smelt & felt great putting it on. (Avoid blemishes, ouch!) I didn’t see any improvement to my skin but I found it was a great relaxing tool when paired with the bath melts. Next I’m wanting to try their BB Seaweed & Cosmetic Warrior!

The VERY BEST however, is their Movis face cleanser. I love love love it! I have never had a cleanser that didn’t at least make my blemishes worse. It foams slightly to a silky feel and has enough oats baked into it to give the perfect amount of exfoliation that can be used daily without irritating your skin more. I think the real trick here is going to be finding the right lotion to pair with it and remembering to use it daily, twice if I wear make-up! That little bar in the picture? That will last me for two weeks, and I bought 4x’s as much for the $ amount shown. Literally 2 months of cleanser for $10.

Well, I hope that helps you lovelies! If you’ve ever thought of using Lush, or are looking for some new products to try out I would def. recommend giving them a go and taking the time to find what works for your skin! Remember, these products are handmade with fresh vegan ingredients without animal testing and even have great pricing! You can’t get much better than that!


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