Feral Chickens?

So we all know about free-range chickens… but have you ever heard of feral chickens?

I hadn’t!

I was absolutely enthralled when I came across this picture of what seems to be a strolling family of urbanite chickens!


Growing up on a farm I became used to the occasional ‘jail-break’, and I loved the novelty at briefly raising chicks in our suburban home a couple years later; so, when I saw this picture I just had to look into it! Turns out this photo from Key West in Florida isn’t an isolated incident either, there are numerous towns around the world that host flocks of ‘wild’ chickens.

img_2063Kaua’i, one of Hawaii’s islands, lets tourists enjoy the hot sands and expansive beaches while brushing feathers with their resident poultry population! I love how you can just imagine seagulls flying overhead, you see sparrows, blackbirds… and a hen! Especially like how this idea of ‘feral chickens’ nods towards an even more expansive idea of free-range farm animals, where they’re not just left to roam around the interior of a building, but allowed on all areas of the farm; to wander where they please, even around the house and up and down the driveway.

9476622-largeNew Orleans has also had it’s share of chicken jokes!

The novelty & nostalgia these photos inspire is awesome, the hilarious merging city & farm life if ever so unintentionally. Urban foraging anyone?! 😛


Domestic animals in the wild cute or a pest & invasive species?


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