Fitness this Weekend: Riding & Running

This weekend was gorgeous, and seeing as how two of my gal pals are riders as well we decided to take a hack through the Gatineau hills and even managed to convince a couple of our boys to come along!


Yay! There’s me oh so elegantly trying to photo bomb Ms. F! (Soon to be Mrs. F?! So exciting, we’ll have to wait and see!) This was my third time doing a trail ride up at Captiva Farms and after a quick lesson for the boys we were off! Someone *cough* lost her phone on the way out which limited any picture taking but we did manage to snap a few… check, next time bring a sweater with zippered pockets! 😛 I was surprised to find out that they were under new management, but they did amazing things with the place and totally revamped the office space in the barn. I was a little disappointed that despite having informed them that 3 of us were advanced riders, as well as having two trail leaders, there was very little flexibility to accommodate our varying riding levels. Ie. The advanced riders could not hang back at certain areas in order to catch up at a trot or canter, so there was virtually no points where we could really work the horses. #equestrianproblems. *sigh* Overall though we were pleased, and I think the girls will be looking at going back for a more advanced ride later this summer!


Also this past weekend I did a little running! gasp! Fitness?! Exercise?! Who am I?! I even managed to bake a batch of gluten-free cupcakes in order to bribe my Lil Sis to run with me on the first day, and stole Mrs. T’s puppy for the second on third. Confession… I walked the 7km on the third day, after two runs + a day of riding my legs were tight! It’s been so great to get outside and I won’t lie, I love the bragging rights its afforded me. The Man might start getting sick of hearing about it though 😛 I’m going to keep trying a few different running Apps to find one that works best for me so keep an eye out for that review! So far I’ve been working with RunKeeper but I’m really finding it mediocre due to its troublesome transition into its website and its GPS tracker has gone a little wonky on me a couple times so I can’t save my route or exact progress. I’m really crossing my fingers I can find the time (and energy! ep!) to keep this up and maybe re-incorporate some yoga back into my schedule!

My hair is done, my nails are done, contacts are ordered, waxing is booked … Beach Body here I come!! 😀

Don’t forget to get moving this summer!!


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