Gift Guide- A Redneck Christmas

I would consider myself about 65% Country / 35% City.

My man… is probably the exact reverse of that. However, with Christmas quickly approaching I am hastily exploring every option of gift giving! As I’ve been putting together my gift guides though I’ve been feeling like the majority of ideas are targeted more so for urban living & keeping up with Johnsons. Welcome… gift giving with a country flair! Because sure, I’d never scoff at a MAC foundation set *cough, Scott* but another side would jump at the chance to show off my new horse-bit bracelet, or those oh-so chic Browning earrings!

But first, let’s break tradition and start with the men! Mainly because my own man & his Christmas list have been on my mind like crazy!

Country MenTop Row: SewLovedBaby, CottonKandyShop, Legendary Whitetails Middle Row: WeWood, Oakley, The Good Life Signs Bottom Row: City2Country, Gadget Flow, Uncommon Goods

I couldn’t help but add the onesie to the list for the little man in your life! Aside from that there are options for nearly every aspect of a country man’s life! I especially like the BBQ utensils set as I could be tasting the benefits of it come summer!


Keil Mead, Lark & Juniper, Nordstorm

To be honest not too many country guys I know wear a bracelet on a regular basis, but there are always those special occasions right?! I absolutely loved these ideas & how they reflect the many facets of country life!

Now for the ladies!

Men… I never said women were a cheap hobby! I did try to even out the expensive with a couple more realistic options as well though, each of them screaming Country-Chic!

Country Gals

 Stacy Leigh, Free People, RealTree, Calypso St. Barth, Mosquito Creek Outdoors, UrbanTribeJewelry, Artsy Modern, Joan Boyce

Confession: I might have really been shopping for myself on this one, but what country girl wouldn’t want a matching sequin baseball shirt & cap?! The best thing is that as a general rule of thumb … if its ‘city’ add camo, if it’s ‘country’ add glitter. It’s a great way to create ‘unique’ items that carry their own personality from both worlds. Cowboy boots are of course an obvious choice (Sheplers is a great option for online purchases!) OR a cute Ralph Lauren Vest!



Blue Label Moto Vest, Polo, Denim & Supply

*Edit- The Polo vest is on sale for $159, and the camo sale has been further reduced to $59!

Clothes & accessories are always a good go-to as gifts for women, however!! Don’t forget that a real country girl may have some more functional items on her wish list this year! Ask her what her goals are for the upcoming year … a Chick Hutch might be get a more enthusiastic response than a scarf, or if she rides try checking out saddles & blankets! (Also, that new four-wheeler isn’t going to buy itself!)


Do you prefer you country & city at ‘seperates’ or do you dig the mesh of the two?!

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