Gift Guide- The Friendly Acquaintances ‘His’ Edition

So not to bask in my own glory or anything, but I think I kind of hit the ‘Hers’ gift guide of the park. (As far as acquaintances go anyways!) But men are SO much harder! They say women are the complicated genre but I tell you NAY! A woman will appreciate the unnecessary, give sentimentality to the gesture, & create a memory. A man will either use the gift, or he won’t; and if he won’t then you may as well have just bought him a coffee for the occasion.

So, I’ve done my darndest to put together a brief list to try and get those creative juices going!

Shot Glasses-

ShotsSkull Shot Glass, Mason Jar Shot Glass Set, Whiskey Rock Shot Glass, Shot Glass Leather Case & Set,

Brass Shot Glass set & Box, Das Drinking Horn, Plaid Flask, Shot Glass Shelf

Okay, okay… so going with the drinking theme is horribly cliché and granted, not every man is a raging alcoholic frat boy. Some of these look like so much fun though, & I know a lot of my guy friends, cousin, Scott, & even my father would get a kick out of a few of these options!

Coffee Lovers-


Death Wish Coffee, Sugar Skulll Spoon, Wooden Travel Mug, Scoop & Bag Closer, 3-Month Coffee Subscription

To be quite honest I think this is about all any of the guys I know are getting… +/- a bottle of scotch or a Tim Horton’s gift card. But on an ending note, if any of the men in your life are anything my man, liquor and coffee just won’t cut it. So, I’ve included a few more ideas that might hit a few notes with them!

Gift Ideas

Car Survival Kit, Man-Mergency, Hawaiian T-Shirt, Waterman Pen, Gloves, Night Vision Monocular, Buck Knife

Obviously these last few might not specifically apply to an acquaintance as much as they would an actual friend, but I’m positive there are similar & cheaper options available. I love putting an out-f-the-box twist on standard ideas and I really think these can stand out!

yupWhat gift ideas do you have for the men in your life?


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