Gift Guide- The Friendly Acquaitance ‘Hers’ Edition

Fun Fact: I work in an office with 22 other women!

They are all a part of my daily life, and never fail to make my days at the office lively & interesting. It is such a joy to be able to say I genuinely enjoy coming into work each morning! I usually try to keep a bit of a divide between my work and personal life, but over time I have found some of them quietly entrenching themselves into my circle of friends.

So now, without having known them for years I’m stumped… what do I get them for Christmas?!

Welcome my Christmas Gift Guide for the Friendly Acquaintance!

The ‘Hers’ Edition.



Romancing the Teapot, The Fawn Doe, Slow Studio, Simply Glittered, Afternoon Coffee

I’ve never been so EXCITED for a teacup in my life! Romancing the Teapot has so many astounding cups and mugs, I was completely floored! (If you can’t tell by my gushing!) Of course you can do teacups from local antique shops as well, or I also love the clay fired mugs from Slow Studio. For a little bit of glitz and glamour try a rhinestone Starbucks cup, or a glittered monogram mug! (The Starbucks cup has me thinking how easy it would be to make one myself?… probably not very *sigh*)



Light in the Box, AdamFrank, Crate & BarrelHoney Candles, Diptyque

A candle mobile is the sweetest little contraption to spice up the standard candle gift! A couple of other ways include candle holders that throw shadows onto the walls, 100% bees wax essential oil candles, or if you really want to go wild they even have designer scents!

Fuzzy Throw Blanket


Nord Storm, Pottery Barn, Pier 1, Marks, Chapters, Bed, Bath, & Beyond

A throw blanket it always a good go to and easy to keep tucked away in the closet for a g0-to gift. You can go soft, fuzzy, patterned, and don’t forget the classic cable knit! I got my ‘Buffalo blanket’ from Mark’s Work Warehouse on boxing day on sale for $20 and I feel like a 2-year old every time I bundle it up to take with me when I spend overnights anywhere else. Don’t let the $80 price tag from Chapter’s ‘throw’ you (lol!), they often have deals where you can snag one for $20 if you spend over a certain limit. Walmart & Target will always have cheaper options as well. Also a neat branch-off idea is a fleece or fuzzy bedspread, there is nothing like hopping into a soft, warm bed in the middle of winter!

Designer Ornaments


Ralph Lauren, Jay Strong Water, Royale, Besty Johnson, Kate Spade, Six Things

Designer ornaments…what, I didn’t even know this was a thing! Ok… Obviously Jay Strongwater might not be for your average ‘daily acquaintance’ but wow can he decorate a tree! I love the rich tones of Jay & Royale, and Betsy as always hits it out of the park! Ralph is always classic, as is Kate’s traditional chic, and I love the idea of an ocean theme on a Christmas tree for an extra twist of whimsy!

I’m thinking I might just take some of my own advice and go with one of each of these themes every year. This year I’m pretty settled on getting each of my ‘Fav 3’ ladies at the front desk a personalized Mug that suits each of their personalities. Next year, who knows, I might just do ornaments (That dog in the tutu is really speaking to me for one of the girls!)

yupDo you have a go to gift for the holidays?


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