Halloween- Creative or the Slootpacolypse?

I absolutely adore Halloween.

The geeky side of me loves the old legends of thinning veils between the worlds of the dead and the living, spirits walking the earth, and misleading demons by disguising yourself as one of them. The even geekier side of me sees it as the one day a year where it is socially acceptable to be what you’re not and just dress up! (because let’s face it, Comicon isn’t totally mainstream.)

However, there is a strict divide between the holiday prior and post 9PM;  once the children have experienced all the terrors of the neighborhood and gorged on candy the night gets a whole lot sexier. Welcome, the Slootpocolypse! I’m guilty at having bought into the cropped tops and mini skirts of would-be costumes for a year or two, but that’s all ‘creativity’ seems to be now.

This year proves to bring quite a few costumes based on Disney’s Frozen, Mutant Ninja Turtles, Maleficent, Captain America, and as always in recent years… Game of Thrones & Walking Dead. With so much great inspiration some of these costumes looked really fun!

betterMaleficent & Elsa

Even these more relaxed looks were awesome!


I started doing a quick photo comparison with some of Halloween’s more popular costumes and their slutty counter parts but I quickly felt like I was just  hanging out with the haters! You can Google any Halloween costume and at least half of them with come with a mini-skirt version, sure some (most) of them are slutty, but some of those girls can pull them off brilliantly too. Suffice to say that I would love to see more creativity and heart put into people’s costumes! My daughter and I are starting to brain storm on ideas, she wants to be a vampire and the last thing I want to encourage her to do is wear something like this…


(For those of you who don’t have kids, the costume is based off of Monster High’s Draculaura, daughter of Dracula)

It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to put together a memorable costume, one that stood out to me over the years was a guy glimpsed at the bar with a white t-shirt that had ‘H1N1’ scrawled across the front.


This year I’m trying to talk my man into a hunter/deer couples combo. These guys hit nearly all the right notes, the only thing missing is a switching the sweater for a vest and adding in a plaid shirt! Or, my geeky back up if tapping into my country roots doesn’t strike a cord with him…


A-Mazing Elsa & Jack Frost couples costumes!

Another idea I loved was a Piñata and having the partner arrive with a party hat and bat… before he pointed out the fact that we would most likely be hanging out with a bunch of drunks (love you guys!) and the person as the piñata would be getting hit all night. Need more original Halloween Costume Ideas? Check out my Halloween Costume Pinterest Board … for now I’ve officially got to cut myself off or I could go on and on!


What do you have planned for your costume?!


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