The Holiday Season has arrived!

Omgosh guys!-

With Black Friday kicking it off in due fashion & Christmas lights going up down the road the Holiday Season is officially here!

Maybe it’s just me but the bells seem a little louder & the lights a little brighter this year, and I can’t wait!

For the first time ever I finally bought into Black Friday… literally! Outfits to come but one must-share is this holiday sweater I picked up from Dynamite! The picture doesn’t even do the sweater justice; with flecks of metallic pinks, blues & gold it is the ultimate casual-party top! It’s flattering for all body types too!



Best part… it’s part of a 40%-off online sale!

The weekend picked up the pace as I breezed through barn chores & ran baby girl into town for Santa photos! This was by far my favourite part of the weekend, I quickly turned into one of those mothers who was kneeling in the lineup brushing hair, changing earrings, & (for special occasions) touching up makeup. Well worth the time & money, as always. You wouldn’t imagine what a steal Miss. B’s entire outfit was from Gymboree (Style post to come!)

Christmas Photosm

Topped off with the local Christmas parade,  bonfire, & a trip to Pembroke for a Great-Grandmother’s birthday Miss. B had a blast and so did I! I’m in full swing prepping for a REAL Christmas tree and can’t wait for a trip down to Upper Canada Village to see their ‘Alight at Night’ Christmas Lights Display!


What are you most excited for this holiday season?

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