Outfit Inspiration: Classic, Bees, Picnics & Hippies

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about my process when I’m putting looks and outfits together, the first tip of which being to inspire yourself. Sometimes a little outfit inspiration is exactly what you need to give your next look a little freshness! Now that the crazy has settled & I’m slowly settling back into my everyday routine I really wanted to share some amazing outfits I had put together before the conference to help get my creativity flowing! These outfits were made with the intention of showing the different ‘faces’ of country, from hillbilly hippie to sophisticated equestrian.

Day 1 Meet & Greet

1. Dress from ChichWish, 2. Earrings from ChichWish, 3. Clutch from ChichWish, 4. Shoes from ASOS

This conservative cocktail dress with a picturesque stagecoach scene along its hemline is exquisitely paired with a vintage styled clutch, a set of brocade earrings to keep it classy, and lovely scalloped white heels to keep it simple.

Day 2- A

1. Shirt from ModCloth, 2. Skirt from Leanne Barlow, 3. Sun Glasses from ModCloth, 4. Clutch from Thorne, 5. Earrings from ModCloth,

6. Necklace from ModCloth, 7. Bracelet from ModCloth, 8. Wedges from ModCloth

Adorb! No?! The agriculture industry faces many challenges on a daily basis, but did you know that our dwindling pollinator populations are perhaps the most daunting?! We need to BEE aware how we are impacting the natural production of our food!

Day 3- B

1. Dress from ModCloth, 2. Shoes from ModCloth, 3. Earrings from Choies, 4. Necklace from ModCloth, 5. Watch from ModCloth, 6. Basket Bag From ChicWish

How cute would this outfit be for a picnic or BBQ?! Perhaps Goldilocks wouldn’t have been tempted to commit a ‘break & enter’ if she had remembered to pack a lunch in her oh-so-stylish picnic basket bag! A splash of whimsy infiltrates the country for this perfect BBQ-Chic ensemble!

Day 4- A

1. Dress from ASOS, 2. Jean Jacket from Gypsyville, 3. Boots from Gypsyville, 4. Hat from Sheplers, 5. Chain Necklace from Gypsyville, 6. Leather Necklace from Gypsyville, 7. Bag from FreePeople, 8. Palm Bracelet from MissGuided, 9. Earrings from Gypsy Tribe Jewels via Etsy,

10. Cuffs from Gypsyville, 11. Cow Skull Ring from Gypsyville, 12. Wanderlust Ring from Fabulous Stamping via Etsy, 13. Above the Knuckle Rings from Durango Dream Designs Via Etsy, 14. Watch from FreePeople

A touch of whimsy turns into a full fledged dreamer today. This printed maxi dress gives an airy flow to the eclectic look, and while it’s accessories don’t lack in focus points & flair, a subtle western influence keeps this outfit organic & grounded. This is hands down my favourite outfit of the four I’m sharing today… quite possibly of all time. If you ever see me decide to leave society forever to live in a sun-filled meadow somewhere, it will be in this outfit & that watch is the absolute perfect detail!

These outfits were the beginning of my creative process, dreaming completely without limits. Although I did decide to tone down on the outfits that were actually worn based on some realistic factors (budget, professionalism) I feel like these ones best represent myself as an individual and my own unique style.

Who know’s maybe one day I’ll get those gypsy boots! 😛


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