IPhone Convert Turns Into Custom Art? Only In My World.

I’ve always been so proud of maintaining my distance from the Apple product craze. It felt too mainstream for me, and everyone just seemed like a fanatic. Well, it seems like that period of my life is now over and I’ve officially jumped on the mainstream train!

It all started with the purchase of my brand new Samsung Galaxy S5… a purchase that quickly led to me forgetting it on the box cover of my truck and driving off. *sigh*. Back into town I trekked and unable to justify spending another couple hundred dollars on a phone (a phone that I would probably loose again) I spent $70 to buy the cheapest smart phone possible. You may laugh, but this country girl has lived off an Ipad (no computer or even cable! gasp!) and the dinky-est little smart phone for the past year and a half, so I was open minded when a friend of mine offered to give me their IPhone 4s. Thankfully I didn’t have to dish out any big dollars or go out of my way as they upgraded to the 6, so I’m left with a nice little budget to address cases and accessories!  I am so pumped to set up my Apps & get to case shopping!

PicMonkey Collage(1) $47.95 Pink Camo OtterBox (2) $89.95 RealTree Camo LifeProof

(3) $25.69 PlayOnPatterns Rustic Floral (4) $44.98 NuWoods Custom Carved Heart

(5) $25.64 Sunrising Homedeco Etc Deer to Dream

I love how OtterBox & LifeProof offer cases that are not only super chic but practical as well, literally everything that is country. Some other cases I found offered some great wood tones and country feel as well. I was really impressed with this selection until I discovered that LifeProof offers customized stickers/skins for their cases! With a sale on their Iphone 4s case for $50.99 (the perks of getting an old model!) , and an additional $14.99 for their skin you are given a custom option that is really comparable to their camo version.

The Plan:

Since I’ve moved into the new apartment I got a new dresser set, but I’m still on the hunt for a proper bedframe to match. Lately, Scott has also been doing ALOT for me! This man has pulled out all the stops, including going bed shopping at Mattress Mart with me and helping me pick out a frame and headboard that I love! The collection was discontinued by the time I got it and there was no bedframe left, but I adore this upholstered option!

BedroomMagnussen Joplin Dresser Set in Warm Russet Finish (*Discont. I promise it looks a lot closer to black in person!), Leather Upholstered Platform Bed

What does this have to do with getting a new phone? Well… looking for a case quickly turned into exploring the customization options available which itself slowly turned into looking at getting something designed specifically for my case. I can’t justify having someone design something for just a cellphone case, so my solution: Get an image designed for Scott that commemorates us as a couple, that can be hung on the wall for the big unveiling of my bed, and can even be made into a custom skin for my phone! Another big sigh, I wish I’d focused more on my drawing skills to be able to do it myself.

So I’ve got an idea, I’m in the process of looking for artists and I basically can’t wait! I’m expecting it to take about a month for them to be ready, which is perfect because it takes 4 weeks shipping for my bed to arrive. Can you say meant to be? <3



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