Last Days of Summer

This past week/weekend seems to have flown by so quickly! While it may not have been overly productive we did manage to get a few things done.

First was a quick trip around the apple tree in the backyard & a small bake-a-thon for those friends & family members who are pregnant, sick, & general schmoozing. I haven’t made apple pie since the last season & forgot how much I loved this recipe! It’s so, so easy & quite often you already have all the ingredients at home already! Now I just have to find a simple + yummy crust recipe & build up some courage to see how well I can pull it off! Also, gluten-free?!


8 Cups of apples, sliced & diced

3/4 Cups of sugar (or 1/3 of Stevia for a sugar free pie!)

2 Tbsp of all purpose flour

3/4 Tsp of ground cinnamon

1 Tbsp of lemon juice

+ pre-made crust

A Friday night Bonfire, a Saturday afternoon work BBQ, my signature Sunday morning Brunch (aka every breakfast food under the sun!!) & an entire Sunday afternoon of lounging out at the waterpark. Throw in a few hours of barn chores, but it still made for a great birthday weekend! Which is exactly what I needed before the mad dash of back-to-school shopping & upcoming fashion weeks, I can’t believe summer is almost over!


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