Living Room Redecorating: Family Wall!

Maybe it’s the spring air finally starting to get to me but I’ve been feeling really crafty lately! So this weekend I set aside some time to dedicate to a project that’s been on my ‘to-do’ list for months… create a family wall for the ‘new’ apartment! All of my extended family is still living out in BC & sometimes its hard not being able to share those connections with my daughter so this was one way I could really make sure they had a ‘space’ in her life. Process

First I started with a little inspiration to give me an idea of what I wanted. I already had two deer head busts and a blank canvas so I started actually putting it together by incorporating those. I bought the deer busts on Etsy from Mahzer & Vee, a great little shop that specializes in busts and statues. They are always coming out with new products, and I can’t be the only one dying over their new fox statue!  They have great customization options as well, and they provided phenomenal customer service while working with my own custom details.

As you can see it slowly took on a life of its own and morphed into its own layout based on picture orientation and sizes. I do have an off-white couch with black furniture so I stuck to the theme, painting one of the deer heads black & using a chalk board style for the canvas.


Should I confess that it was my first time ever hanging anything but a single picture frame? Coupled with the fact that it seems my entire ceiling has a slight slant to it, I definitely had to overcome some inexperience & basic challenges, but I think it came out fairly ‘ok’ & it makes the place feel so much more homey! I love that Miss B can now see her family everyday!

Of course my living room redecorating wouldn’t be complete with a few more touches! Enter,  my humble apartment…featuring a new coffee table + book cases & pillows really help die the space together in a simple way and the neutral colours leave a lot of flexibility for introducing new colours when I feel the need to switch it up!


I am really starting to love the purple in the flowers though… purple & off-white textured pillows maybe?! 😀


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