May 24 Weekend- Off-roading & Jeeping

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram chances are you’ve already gotten a glimpse into my  May 24 weekend adventures which included a little off-roading with the jeeps (aka jeeping), some hiking, and 3 nights of camping! Literally my perfect weekend is just getting out in the woods and this was a great start to welcome the warm weather! The only thing it was missing was a little more sun-tanning and a couple fish!


I guess I should be thankful we got our bad luck out of the way before anything really bad could happen. I mean, anything worse than a seized caliper and two flat tires within half an hour of leaving the house!

Jeep Collage

If you ever had any questions about why off-roading vehicles are always breaking… wonder no more! There were two points where I nearly got out because I was positive it was going to roll on a few of the harder trails. Jeeping is definitely not for the faint of heart! I even got educated on gearing & spring density ratios… things you never knew you never knew! 😛


We toured with OVO (Ottawa Valley Offroaders) and it was a blast. You don’t realize how much jeeping takes out of you until your eating pop tarts for the third day in a row, and start to think that patch of shady grass alongside the trail looks like a good place to curl up and nap while the boys replace another tire. But I can’t say enough good things about the weekend and the people & friends who helped make it! I’m fairly positive this is going to mean going on a few more hikes too! 🙂



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