Milan Fashion Week: Autumn/Winter 2015 Recap

Milan Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2015 ended this week, and what a week it was! Flooded with creativity & drama it was nothing if not entertaining. As always, check out my Milan Fashion Week Pinterest Board for a full list of my likes, but for now let’s review the favourites!

Collections Best Collections:  (1) (2)Philosophy, (3)(4) Dsquared2, (5)(6)Luisa Beccaria 

I loved the Victorian era detailing from Philosophy, so dreamy! I’m pretty sure I pinned half of the collection. Luisa Beccaria also did an amazing job with a soft & feminine collection that, for me, was a great throwback to 40’s fashion for the perfect Parisian lady!

Finally, my favourite! DSquared2 rocked it again, and not just the collection. They stayed true to their Canadian roots and drew inspiration from Canada’s Aboriginal culture & the period of colonization. Twitter was abuzz with their hashtag #DSquaw, with many Native members had something to say about the collection, not much of it positive!

I have to say I’m disappointed in people. I’m Canadian. I grew up with the heavy Haida influence out on the west coast, and love the Aboriginal culture. It is such a rich and vibrant heritage, with a very real, raw feel about it. Some people offered constructive comments, saying to move past the episode & linking to actual Native designers (some of which…A-mazing!). Others claimed it as a personal insult. My 2 cents: Get over it. Fashion has always been an art form and the designers never claimed for it to be an accurate representation. They took bits and pieces and breathed their creativity into something that has never been seen before. They were inspired & how could they not be by such an amazing culture? Be proud of your heritage, flaunt it! Think someone did a shitty job of representing it? Do Better!


Best Pieces: (1) Just Cavalli (2) Elisabetta Franchi  (3) Fendi (4) Roberto Cavalli

I can’t get over this mesh of feathers & fur from Just Cavalli, and Elisabetta did a great job at adding the precise amount of Asian spice to a perfectly classy piece! Love this outfit from Fendi (Scott needs to go bear hunting for me apparently!) and the detail on the leather cut-outs + shimmer from Roberto just kills me!


Milan Fashion Week pulled out a lot of stops this week, but as always sometimes there’s just that one show that astounds you beyond words. London it was Gareth Pugh, this fashion week it was (perhaps unsurprisingly) Dolce & Gabana as they put on THE BEST SHOW EVER!


I can’t get over this collection! The collection is cohesive, traditional yet inspired, classic yet show stopping, and the presentation was spot on! From pregnancy and infancy to childhood and fashionable young adulthood, every facet of our femininity was strutted down the runway! What a great tribute to mothers and daughters everywhere!

I’d love to hear what everyone thought of the DSquared2 drama, opinions below!


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