Monday Inspiration

ONE//Dairy Farmers of Canada New Logo

Dairy Farmers of Canada has taken the step in redesigning their logo in efforts to merge their business logo and the ‘100% Canadian Blue Cow’ logo. I’m going to miss the ‘Blue Cow’ but I can appreciate where they’re coming from a business stand point and I have to say, they did a good job!

TWO//BuzzFeed Vegan for 30 Days

I want to do this. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous and why on earth would a livestock farmer ever want to become the very people trying to put them out of business. 1. I think in today’s day and age understanding is a factor that’s seriously lacking in society. 2. Nothing will ever stay the same except for the fact that things will always change.

As farmers we need to understand those to oppose us and what we do, because only when we truly understand where they’re coming from and have the ability to show that we’re trying to be empathetic so their concerns are we ever going to reach a happy medium. Who knows, maybe the world is destined to become vegan in some far off future… maybe not. But we’ll never stay ahead of the curve if we’re constantly digging in our feet and refusing to try something new. A new perspective can change everything, and when you connect with people it can make you a better farmer, a better business manager, and a better person.

THREE//Pinterest, Neutral Kitchen 


I’ve recently been helping out with some renovations and the house has officially been gutted! Let me tell you, it’s intimidating at having such a blank slate with so much potential for things to go horribly wrong. Pinterest to the rescue!! Absolutely loving these neutral options, an awesome way to stay clean and classic! Check out more on my Pinterest page/’House’ Board!

FOUR// 2-1-4-3 Disruptive Thinking & Business Planning


Loving Aiden Connolly’s recent article on Linkedin readdressing how we approach strategic business planning. An astounding point of view that really makes you re-evaluate how you approach goal planning. “Disruptive thinking leads to opportunities and the potential for exponential growth.” I find that this can apply to so much more than just business, but life goals overall as well! Great work!

Five//Swimmable Mermaid Tails!!

Obsession #1: Farming. Obsession #2: Mermaids. I ever win the lottery I’ll have first farm with it’s own personal mermaid grotto. True Story <3

Who will you inspire?


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