Monday Inspiration

ONE//Happy New Year

My first post since the New Year so a little bit of a flash back! Happy 2017 ;P ! I’m still trying to find get some solid footing and really get into gear for the new year; surprisingly, it takes good bit of effort to find time to be able to sit down, review the past year, and come up with some solid goals and steps for the next 365 days! In the mean time though, I came across a great article on being a great human here. Some food for thought while I contemplate where I want to go in 2017, how I want to get there, and what kind of person I want to be when I finally arrive!

TWO//#Christmasonthefarm & Ugly Farm Christmas Sweaters

Now that the crazy that is the holidays has passed I feel like I’m finally able to look back and appreciate the effort and ingenuity farmers have put forth this year! My phone is full of inspiring photos and, no joke, a plan for Christmas decorating has already made its way on the calendar for next year!

THREE//Ontario Young Farmers Forum 2016

Another little throwback to the Ontario Young Farmers Forum I attended back towards the end of November. A short article by on the event, here. Despite a quick trip to the emerg room the night before I hoped on the train and made my way down to Toronto, and as it turns out it was well worth the trip! I was sick and unable to attend much of the extra-curriculars in the evenings but that didn’t prevent me from thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to not only learn and network, but to also present on the use of social media! I couldn’t encourage attendance to this event enough; surrounding yourself with other young farmers and being able to connect and receive support from your peers is invaluable!

FOUR//Unicorn Makeup Brushes

My inner princess is absolutely head over heals for these unicorn horn themed brushes!!! At $74 Canadian they are hands down going on the wishlist for next Christmas! Check them out here.

FIVE//Heartland Season 11

I grew up reading these books & I’m sad to say it took me longer than it should have to check out the tv show. Now that I have though, I’m hooked!! I’m only on season 3 but I’m totally stoked to try and catch up! Being able to compare the old vs new seasons, how much has actor Amber Marshal grown?! Love our Canadian Girl!

How will you inspire others today?

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