Tuesday Inspiration

Running a little late this week so maybe some Tuesday Inspiration?

ONE//Canada’s Agriculture Day Feb 16th

“Every link in the food production chain – from the farm to the grocery store and restaurant – plays a vital role in bringing food to your table every day,” said Mackay, whose group organized the summit. “Canada’s Agriculture Day is an opportunity to get involved, celebrate and be a part of the conversation about food and farming.” Agriculture More Than Ever

TWO//Bringing the Farm into the Classroom

Christa Wright and Maureen Foley of Agriculture in the Classroom NL run the program Little Green Thumbs, that connects kids with farmers.

A program out in Newfoundland and Labrador is helping bring farming into the classroom by providing various kits, such as indoor gardens and vermicomposting! I’m absolutely in love with this program as a way of expanding my own services as I tour local schools with my day-old chicks. What a great idea and an awesome way to leave something behind for the students to continue learning with! For another very neat way one school has incorporated farming into its structure, check out the video here!

THREE//Turning the Farm into a Classroom

Turns out bringing the farm into the classroom isn’t the only option trending at the moment. Another option includes turning the farm itself into a classroom. Alberta’s government have created a program enabling Gr 10-12 students to earn up to 16 credits working, and learning, on farms as part of their Green Certificate Program.

FOUR//Last Chance for Growing Forward 2

Description of this image follows.

If you’re a producer with an upcoming farm project this is for you! This intensive program offers workshops and guides to help farmers improve the many different aspects of their business and operation. Deadlines are Feb 3-23rd. April 4-18th, and May 12-June 1st!


The FCC came out with a great little article with the term ‘Poultryponics’ as they delved into a new project created by Agri-Arctic & Polar Egg Inc. This project aims to created a circular system in which chicken waste is used to as nutrition for their vertical hydroponics system. Love this coined term and it reminded me of a Youtube video I came across a couple years ago, as shown above. Love the ingenuity!  One step further, bringing aquaponics into the classroom, here!

Who will you inspire?

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