Monday Inspiration

ONE//’The Farmer’ Superbowl Commercial

From the 2013 hit ‘So God Made a Farmer’ to this year’s 2017 ‘The Farmer’, I love when agriculture not only finds its way into big advertisements, but knocks all other competition out of the park! This commercial literally gives me chills! <3


A touchy subject within agriculture, this in the very least is an intriguing article looking into traceability and where it is headed. I, myself, am in favour of traceability efforts as a means of marketing and expanding customer education & knowledge. One ingenious ice cream shop has taken advantage of these traceability techniques to optimally market their products, here! Somewhat related, another interesting article on transport regulations being integrated in Canada to better compliment those of our trading partners. Comparing the two and seeing how they compliment/contrast is pretty neat & I’m interested to see how both end up evolving.

THREE//Bill Nye on Netflix

Geeking out!! My dad was a huge fan often referencing the all knowing ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ while helping on numerous school projects when I was a kid. I absolutely love how he’s always brought science into mainstream media and think the agvocacy industry might learn a thing or two! ;P

FOUR//Harry Potter Festival

From left to right: Keara Flood, Alice Wilson, Maya Wilson, Anik Watson and Megan Furlong at the festival in Goderich last October. They came to Goderich from Stratford dressed as their favourite Harry Potter characters to experience what it’d be like to live in the world of the famous books for a day. (Darryl Coote/Postmedia Network)

I grew up reading the Harry Potter books, and as a matter of fact just finished re-watching all the movies with the family. So not only do I love the theme of the festival but I love how unique the idea is and how much support and engagement they are receiving from their community!

FIVE//John Deere Battery Powered Tractor

Highlighted on, John Deere has revealed a battery powered tractor capable of generating 402 hp! This says a lot not only about where vehicles and technology is going, but farming and agriculture as a whole. Advancements like this get me really excited, and I can’t wait to see how the model is innovated and improved upon to meet farming demands. What do you think, will this ever become mainstream?!

Who will you inspire?

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