Monday Inspiration

ONE//Covet Fashion Update

Adoring the new update for Covet Fashion that highlights natural body shapes. It was a controversial move judging by the comments on Facebook, but I love not only the statement it makes supporting all women body types and encouraging confidence and fashion for all, but also how it changes the game play. It provides a challenge unique to realistic styling, not just barbie dolls. I do miss the old dolls and hope that eventually they’ll make more of a recurrence for regular challenges but that being my only qualm I’m thrilled with the new update!

TWO//The Making of Sound Effects

Foley is the art of creating sound effects which help tell the stories in motion pictures and television. Check out this behind the scenes footage at the Warner Brothers lot, as foley artists partnered with Great Big Story, create the Sounds Of Weather. Don't miss some of your favorite stories from "That's Amazing," Sunday at 9:00pET.

Posted by The Weather Channel Originals on Friday, January 27, 2017

Having put quality photography and video as one of my New Years Resolutions and areas of focus for this year I found this video really cool! I didn’t realize how much work actually went into the sound quality of a film and what a difference this actually makes for the viewers enjoyment. Definitely something to keep in mind!

THREE//New Chick Hatchery in Ontario

My family has been ordering our chicks from the same producer, Frey’s Hatchery, for the past 15 years. Now, whether that’s going to change or not I can’t say but I am super excited to hear that there is going to be a new hatchery in Ontario!

FOUR//Food Freedom Day

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Kind of dropped the ball on this one, but February 8th was Food Freedom Day. I find this initiative really interesting, and did some calculating myself. They say the avg. Canadian spends 10.7% of their income on food. But coming from a single parent family, who also has a non-supporting partner over quite often (say 1/2 the time) I actually ended up spending about 20% of my take home income on food. This means I would have to work until mid-march to earn what I spent on food, and we’re not even there yet! I find this program interesting because is it accurate to the average Canadian? or is it actually a bench mark of where we should be? Is this a sustainable rate of spending for Canadians? Does it represent access to fresh, healthy, local foods?

FIVE//Farm & Food Care Conference

Conference 2017
The Farm & Food Care Conference will be taking place in Burlington this year on Thursday, April 13th! Really excited about this because it provides that link between farmers and food, which in my opinion is a critical piece in educating and engaging our consumers. Not everyone farms, but everyone eats and that’s a common ground we have to emphasis and focus on.
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