Monday Inspiration

ONE// Ottawa Valley Farm Show

Ottawa Valley Farm Show

This show will probably be my life next week, between the show itself, helping out at the Junior Farmers booth & the After-Party it is going to be such a great time! They did such an amazing job with their re-branding, and I love to see how many young people have been attending! Don’t forget to stop by the Junior Farmer booth on Tuesday morning, March 14th to hang out! We’ll also be holding a draw to win tickets to the Ottawa Valley Farm Show After-Party where all profits will be benefiting the Carleton Junior Farmers!

TWO//Ottawa Valley Farm Show After-Party

I am so excited! This Thursday I will be hosting my first ever fundraiser, & all profits will be going in support of the Carleton Junior Farmers. (Yes, I’m also stressing out like crazy, but how cool is this?!) There will be everything from free food & signature drinks, to free line dancing lessons and a stack cup competition to win a John Deere model tractor! But that’s not even the best part, country singer Brea Lawrenson will not only be performing but also doing a meet & greet as we welcome our first guests to the event! Whaaaat!! So quick quick quick, head over¬† and get your tickets! Don’t forget to spread the word & #OVFSAfterParty!

THREE// Mermaid Obsessed

If you know me you know at least 3 things; 1. I have a horrible memory 2. I love farming & 3. I go through sporadic periods of mermaid obsession! Last night was one such time & I couldn’t help it, I went a little overboard. I ordered the swimsuit and all the accessories from SammyDress & it came to a complete total of $34 (Swimsuit $15), including shipping ! I can’t wait for it to get here, but while the night progressed I found myself making a couple other purchases!

  1. Baby Mermaid Swimsuit $5, 2. Kids 10-14 Mermaid Swimsuit $12

Naturally the little one needed a mer-suit of her own, & while I was at it I threw in another one for a girlfriend’s 2-year old. SO cute! Now, babies apparently are the easiest things possible to find themed swimsuits for, however I had a heck of a time finding anything from size 8-14. Ebay proved to be an amazing resource though & I bought both with shipping included for only $25!! I even convinced the girlfriend to buy her own to match with us, & not going to lie… custom beach towels, drink tumblers, and flounder/sea shell beach totes are totally on the list of things to buy next!

FOUR//Pool Inflatables

  1. Shell $38, 2. Shell $70/$104, 3. Starfish Beer Float $15, 4. Unicorn/Pegasus $50, 5. Cow $35

The mermaid swimsuit obsession was quickly followed with a hunt for accessories. From shells, to unicorns; from inflatable cows to the cutest little starfish floating beer holders! The only bummer is I’m pretty sure these toys are disallowed at public pools & water parks, but they’re just the thing for the backyard or at the beach!

FIVE//Canada’s Agriculture Day Numbers

There were so many events and initiatives surrounding Canada’s first ever national Agriculture Day, and it was great to see other young farmers getting involved! A quick follow-up according to Farm & Food Care on the impact made over social media. (this is seriously amazing!):

  • #CdnAgDay had 31,800,000 total impressions and #JourAgCan had 4,000,000 for a combined total of 35,800,000 impressions!¬† #CdnAgDay was the number one trend in Canada on Twitter for 6.5 hour
  • 1,800+ photos shared on Instagram using #CdnAgDay/#JourAgCan with over 12,000 impressions
  • 160,000+ people reached in English and 23,000 in French with 5600+ engagements on Facebook

Who will you inspire?


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