Monday Inspiration

What a day! Two sets of twins born at the dairy farm, dry cows got mixed with milking cows due to a broken latch, a bull calf somehow managed to find his way into ‘the pit’ (he’s ok!), another litter of kittens, chores taking care of our last batch of chickens, trying to sign up for school (vet-tech?!), as well as attempting to catch up on emails and such. Phew!

You’d think that by being so busy, I’d know which direction I was working in. But the truth is, I’ve been a little aimless in my workings lately and I feel like it’s finally catching up with me. I’ve been so focused on just ‘trying to make it work’ and ‘catching up’ that I haven’t taken the time to really decide what I want and where I want to be. I felt that I was loosing what made what I did ‘meaningful’. I have a tendency to go through surges of intense inspiration and ideas, followed by a slight lag in enthusiasm when those huge dreams don’t pan out the way I imagined… or just plain old take too long! So this week I did a little soul searching & one thing that often helped me find my center was writing. Wasn’t that why I’d started this entire blog in the first place?! To write and share that passion, and those inspirations with others. What am I doing that will create balance and happiness in my life now… not just 10 years down the line when I finally get that 100 acre farm I’ve been dreaming about? It’s a hard question and something that will need some time and thought put into it, but in the mean time…

ONE//Traveling in Beautiful British Columbia

Did someone say vacation? Yes please! About two weeks ago, my Dad whisked us away to BC for a week for a small family reunion. It turned out to be an amazing trip, with my favourite part being a toss up between waking up to see the sunrise on Salt Spring Island, or the Kangaroo Farm in Kelowna. Of course no trip to BC would be complete without reconnecting with my absolute best-friend, Chelsea, and a night out to celebrate after being apart for 4 years! (Rum & Coke by the literal pail & a mechanical bull, that’s all I’m going to say!) It was so amazing being able to hang out with family after so long; learning how artistic my Grandmother is, being able to see my Dad in all his glory as a Grandfather, and planning matching cousin tattoos. Our itinerary was pretty packed & not a minute was wasted, & I couldn’t be more fortunate to have those who I call family in my life.

TWO//What do people talk about in Therapy?

“Yep, all those special accomplishments that you think make you so extraordinary and lovable?

I have to tell you something, nobody cares.”

The author of this article,┬áKatherine Schafler, goes on to say that it’s our unique mix of ‘ordinary’ that makes us stand out. I loved this article so much, I literally printed it out and have it set aside in my office for re-reading and ‘meditation’. It really shows you how you may feel ordinary but it is how you go about being ‘ordinary’ and your genuine personality that goes on to make impressions and create relationships. I think this is such an important lesson to take in, especially in the world of social media!

THREE//Professional Makeup Artist Classes

Yup, the nerd is out of the bag on this one and I’m totally geeking out after coming across a course discount being offered through Groupon. This is totally going on my bucket list for this year! Home made mermaid tails anyone?! ;P


Kylynne Sheffield

Ironically one of my girlfriends just started her own pet & house sitting service, and I think I’m going to seriously recommend farms to that list! What a great idea, and a great way to get involved with farming and the agricultural community when you can’t or don’t want the constant responsibility of a farm. Not only do you get the experience, but it would open so many doors for learning and networking, an idea for aspiring farmers to help get started?


I’ve been feeling extra crafty lately, even if I haven’t been quite sure how to do it, I’m quite certain that I will find a way to try. That’s what I love about Nicky, and her artwork. She found a way to start, and to try; to give her passion a chance… and in the end it all paid out! Check out her online shop here, her fonts and artwork are exquisite!


Who will you inspire?

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