Monday Inspiration

This Week’s Monday Inspiration:

ONE// New York Fashion Week

NYFW Spring 2016

Kors, Marchesa, Givenchy, Marchesa

Last year I was so busy, I missed the runways almost entirely! New York Fashion Week starts September 8th & after flipping through some of last year’s collections, I can’t wait to see what sorts of designs walk the runway this year!





My latest obsession, SkillShare! It has been such a great way to explore some of the things I’ve been looking at improving upon such as the way I use and promote my social media accounts, my writing methods, and I can’t wait to start getting into a few art videos!

THREE// Taylor’s of Harrogate Tea Bee Hotel

What a neat way to bring the issue of bees into a modern concept!

FOUR//CMT Chicken People Documentary

This looks HILARIOUS! Instantly made me think of this funny article I read in the Progressive Dairyman, ‘She’s Gone Chicken Crazy’. I honestly can’t wait until this comes out on the 23rd!

FIVE//¬†UnderArmour’s ‘I Will What I Want‘ Campaign


I may not be a professional athlete, or a gym goer at all in fact, but as a farmer this tag line still really resonates with me. It’s not always easy to get the hay in before the rain, or make it in from the fields before any obscenely late hours. But somehow we (usually) manage, and at the end of the day can look back on our accomplishments.

What inspires your passion?


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