Monday Inspiration

This Week’s Monday Inspiration:

ONE// London Fashion Week

London Spring 2016

Giles, Gareth Pugh, The Hill & Friends

I always find London Fashion Week to be a bit of a ‘hit and miss’, but when they hit the mark it literally sticks with you for life. Can’t wait to see that they come up with this year starting September 16th!

TWO// American Eagle Cowboy Boots HALF OFF


Friends tell friends when there’s a killer sale on that they can’t afford to miss, & guys… this is it!! I bought a pair last year, wore them nearly everyday and while they are starting to fall apart a bit, mainly because I went hiking in them + wore them to the barn more than a couple times, they are comfortable and well worth the $50 to have a pair of boots NOT covered in cow sh*t ;P

THREE//The Real Real


One could argue that being sick & on the couch for the past couple days has not been kind to my bank account & you’d be right. I came across this site and was a little skeptical at first, but not only did I do my online research I actually went to an outlet store and verified product codes on a few Ray Bans I was interested in. Turns out, totally legit and averages about half off on their regular prices, but if you snag a sale it can be even more!!Obsessing Hard Core <3

FOUR// Farm Basics on Youtube

I’m not entirely sure whatever happened to BBC’s CountryFiles but at some point over the past two years they became harder and harder for this Canadian cowgirl to get her hands on. Since then I’ve been kind of wallowing around trying to find another good source for farm videos. I happened to stumble upon this channel and it looks like I might have a little catching up to do this weekend, move over Netflix it’s time for Farm Basics!!


FIVE// J.K. Rowling’s Speech



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