Monday Inspiration

This Weeks Inspiration:

ONE//TED Talk on Women in Leading Roles

What better way to inspire yourself than by listening to a TED Talk led by this amazing woman! The perfect speech for a Monday!

TWO// College Prepster Fall Favourites

Plaid Flannel Shirt

With so many farm shows &  conferences to go to this fall I have to admit, I’m panicking… about both my wardrobe and my bank account!! Some great fall outfit inspiration from the College Prepster, and if you still can’t get enough check out her pafe dedicated to  Cold Weather Style!

THREE//Ag More Than Ever Event Kits

Ag Audience - Ag Event Kit 3

So if any of you follow me on Snapchat (Ms.AnnaRoberts) you’ll know that I recently received my order of day old meat chicks and soon after doing so went through a ‘eureka’ moment. With school back in session & my chicks still cute & fluffy, why not tour some of the schools with my chicks & encourage the kids to really connect with the animals and with farming itself?! I called up a couple of local schools and to my surprise they were instantly on board and very accommodating! Enter the my moment of panic. What the heck do I do now?! Luckily, google had an easy solution. I pulled up the Ag More Than Ever website, less than 15 minutes of online shopping and 20$ later I have a full shipment of agriculture promotion material on its way!! 😀

FOUR//New Cabela’s Opening in Ottawa

Abbotsford Grand Opening

In less than 3 days there will be a new Cabela’s in Ottawa!! Luckily it’s far enough away that I won’t be able to go shopping too often buuuut guess who may have gotten her hands on a couple of pre-opening party tickets for tomorrow night?!? Eeeee!!!

FIVE//Milan Fashion Week

Dolce & Gabana Winter 2015 Milan Fashion Week:

Last but not least, September 21-28th Milan Fashion Week! Can’t wait to see what they come up with this season!

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